In the Flow

K, so, something super magical has happened. It’s a little weird to experience, even. But I like it!

What’s happened is … I got in some sort of flow where .. like, hardly anything bothers me any more!! I’m SO taking life in stride – it’s seriously cool! I see the good stuff EVERYWHERE!

I mean, yes, I notice the contrast here and there on occasion, but I know that is actually helpful for the whole process of letting life just get better and better, and I slip right back into the feel good so naturally and quickly and easily. I’ve gotten REALLY good at this! I kind of feel like shouting, “Mom! Look at me!!” because it’s so cool and so fun!

It just seems like there are more things to appreciate – more wonderful happenings, more handsome men, more cool cars, more fun kitties, more happy dogs, more perfect and amazing and incredible clients, more delicious chocolate, more fun movies, more quality times with my sweetie, more friends, more EVERYTHING! Gosh, someone might think I was on good drugs if they didn’t know better. hee hee

Keep it coming, Universe – we’re in the flow now!

2 thoughts on “In the Flow

  1. AvatarSelfHelpGoddess

    Ohhh Jeannette, I love all those fun things you listed to appreciate! I’m going to add more of those to my pie, too! Like Abraham says, just add whatever you want to your pie… or something like that:)

  2. AvatarKimFalconer

    I think I’m on that same ‘drug’ too–all those ‘more wonderful happenings’ are my favorites and they are rolling on in!

    In the flow with you!

    Ain’t life grand!!!

    Sending all the love in the world to every sweet heart, especially to every kitty sweet heart! xxx


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