Just a quick note to show how the POWER …

Just a quick note to show how the POWER of the written word moves mountains. Last week I Twittered that my bank account would double by next week.

Guess what?

My bank account didn’t double.

It increased by 150%

No, I haven’t gotten my advance yet.he he he This was just a wild hair deposit from the universe (to match my wild hair twitter)

I would like to encourage everyone to dream big, play their wild card, and go for broke, if that makes them smile 🙂

Wooo Whooo!!!!!

How about you????


6 thoughts on “Just a quick note to show how the POWER …

  1. AvatarCoach T.I.A

    Ay Kim! I can’t tell what’s real or not anymore! We are such amazing storytellers 😀 That’s a good thing ay, cos the Universe can’t tell the difference either and lo! presto, magic 😀

    Love that my 2 new clients found me and decided they wanted to work with me asap. LOVE that they paid me my entire fee in advance and are so amazing to work with.

    I knew I would be working with my 10 perfect one on one clients by July and that it’s happening now is just awesome 🙂 My $5000 month income is happening NOW! It feels FABULOUS to see that $$ rolling in every month for 15 hrs of work a week. THAT’s called living life Tia-Style.

  2. AvatarjudiesJuice

    You go girl! Your good luck (and amazing manifesting skills) must be rubbing off on me because I just received an unexpected check in the mail! I know that the same thing will continue to happen over and over and over again. I love seeing my savings account grow and grow, plus all the wonderful ways I am able to bless my family and friends with my abundance.


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