July Rocks!

This month of July was one to remember!  It had really amazing events in it, experiencing new highs and accomplishing new goals, making even more friends and doing all of it at a pace that was 100% pure enjoyment!  Like today, sitting out on the grass as that storm rolled through, knowing so many things were happening and it was perfect to take the time to enjoy the clouds and thunder and sprinkles.

How Martha’s convention center didn’t have a projector available for me, so now there’s no need to put together a slide presentation.  hee hee  How the Money Mojo group managed themSELVES even better than I could have done it mySELF!  Man, that was COOL!!

And how there was always time for a lingering hug with my sweetie, and an extra good belly scratch for Joe, and I really went out of my way to slow down and savor all the delicious things and people in life.  Gosh, I don’t think I ever loved July as much as I did in 2009!  woo hoo!!

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