It Was Time

All right, I was getting a little out of control with how long I was hanging on to these big kitties.  I know I got a little attached because they were here longer than usual, just to make sure they were 100% healthy before we sent them to their new lives, but it really was time to trust and let go. 

And that’s exactly what happened – in perfect timing, as always.  They were adopted – TOGETHER – !! – by a lovely woman who has a great history with cats and was very happy to meet and adopt them both.   I think they’ll have a great life with her and she has our number in case anything ever happens.  (Plus, they do have microchips in my name – as added insurance – he he.)

Time to focus on the little kitties now!  Thanks, Angels, for making such a great way for our big kitties.  🙂

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