It’s All Happening Now!

Love Love Love!My perfect life, my dream come true!! My gorgeous, romantic, sexy, amazing husband who makes me happier than I could ever have imagined, my beautiful 5 bedroom house where we host BBQ`s and summer parties filled with laughter, fun, hula hoops, slip n slides, balloon games, great food, awesome music and amaazinggggggggg friends!

Love abounds, abundance everywhere. In the green of the trees, the big band music playing on the super new music system my darling got us as a surprise, people dancing, smiling, enjoying it – we love summer!!

And winter rocks as hard with the warm glowy fireplace making me glad to be indoors on a cold snowy day. I remember this time when I was about to finish my hot chocolate with delicious chocolate whipped cream (yummmmmmmuyyyyyyyyyy!) my sweetheart comes rushing in, grabs me, lifts me up and runs towards the door. I`m squealing and laughing cos I know what`s comin next but uh oh too late!

Within seconds we are outdoors and having a snowball fight. I think I got the trees a lot cos I can`t hit straight but I DID get him in the noggine bwahahaha THAT`ll teach him! 😀

Summer or winter, he makes my heart sing. My life rock. My joy ninetuple (9 times double)!

Work is JUSt as I want it to be – 6 figure income, working 15 hours a week which is SO much fun I almost want to pay my clients instead!! I know I always said I love what I do but taking it to this level of sheer flow and happiness is divinity at work.

I love them, they love me, together we`re unleashing AWESOMENESS on the world!! Theirs, mine, and all the people that benefit from it! Love love love how easily, surely and FASTly it all feel into place for me.

My blog is the top favourite place for people looking for inspiration, great energy and support to make their dreams come true. I rock at helping people do that 🙂

I love the 2 new countries we visit every year and have fabulous holidays in, at this rate we`ll cover the entire planet by the time we`re old and gray. Holidays with girfriends once a year, with my family the other time. Did I mention how many close, loving, connected friendships I have in my life!! I used to dream of this amazing life..

As soon as I started reading Gregg Braden`s Spontaneous Healing of Belief I know my world was mine. One belief at a time 😀

So be it! Universe, admit it, I`m your favourite aren`t I *teehee* shhh I won`t tell anyone!!! 😉

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CTI trained Co-Active Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner, Psych-K facilitator and Law of Attraction Coach (aka Conscious Creation). Lover of Life, Live for Fun. I am VERY much inspired by fun an I know that what really gets results is taking inspired action (not just action for the sake of it). Combining these 2 aspects make for a guaranteed path to success and truly reflect my beliefs, mission, vision, work and life. I coach you to take inspired action rather than banging your head against a wall to get results. Why do it the hard way when there is a much more effective and faster way to get what we want?

4 thoughts on “It’s All Happening Now!

  1. AvatarCoach T.I.A Post author

    Ladies, ladies you and your plus 1’s and 2’s and 3’s are all invited!! He is an awesome BBQer, alpha A chef lol. Loves to entertain and host 😀 I have quite the man ay? BLESSED!!

  2. Avatarjmaw

    I am in LOVE with Tia, with this post, with this blog and this community!

    Tia, you conjure romance way better than I do, but the rest of it sounds like a page from one of my own journals!

    You are on FIRE!! WOO HOOO, GIRL!!!


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