ISS Sighting

ISS Sighting

Last week on MM&Y (Moon Moo and You) we had on Laura Whitelaw  and Lix Lichti, EFT and ZPoint coaches, and friends from our weekly Master Mind Group!

At the end of the show, Liz led us through a ZPoint session and we were in a meditative state.

Suddenly my iPhone started showing Tweets from the Astronauts looking down from their International Space Station and admiring and celebrating the beauty of Mother-Earth.

This was somewhat of a miracle since I did not have my iPhone turned on to receive such messages.

But the experience of PRAY FREEDOM was strengthened by this message. Suddenly perspective was magnified as to the fragile beauty of the present moment and how precious life is.

Last night I actually saw the ISS going at 17,200 miles per hour as the astronauts were orbiting the earth. Once again, a message from the astronauts themselves–allow the pray success, pray great wealth, pray single payer, pray gratitude enfold in the natural cylic motions of of the sea, the moon, the menstral cycle-all of it!

Allow the beauty of life itself dictate every great insight and love we have for every moment!

Patience, patience and more patience arose out of this experience for me. Write Pray rain, carry it with me always, allow the people to be who they are in my life-allow myself to be me, always.


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