Income ceiling disappears into thin air!

I have been playing and having fun with my clients every day since launching my new business. I have more clients joining my playground every week! I AM loving it. It’s so much fun to help them grow their business with admin support, product development, book doctoring and being their Creative Fairy Godmother. There is no end to the fun, laughter, inspiration and good times in my day! Like it! LOVE IT!

Here’s the best part. I looked at my bank balance this morning and yup, I doubled my income. I didn’t know how it happened so I looked back at my calendar. For the last few months, all I saw were play dates scheduled with my clients. Then I looked over the next couple of months and realized that the number of play dates increased by 50% and I AM on target to triple my income at the end of the next quarter!

I leaned back in my chair, looked up and guess what … there was no ceiling! It had vanished into thin air! WOOT WOOT!

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