I too love the Pray Rain Blog! And wha…

I too love the Pray Rain Blog!

And what a week is coming! I power into my writing. I had no idea I could get so much story plotted in such a short time. Wow. This just gets easier and easier. How fun!

And I had forgotten about THAT money on it’s way. How cool to have it land this week.

AND, the biggest surprise coming is a phone call from HIM! I’m going on a date with HIM! Can you imagine? You don’t have to! I’ll tell you about it next week!

Thank you Jeannette!

Here’s to the best blog ever!

Pray Rain!

3 thoughts on “I too love the Pray Rain Blog! And wha…

  1. AvatarDebra

    Super Stellar News, Kim! Life is amazing, yes? :0

    Wonder if there’s a way to warp time to accommodate my deep desire to have book two before August? No worries. Time is an illusion! August is a month someone made up to go with the others on that calendar thingie. I’m sure one call to the publishers to explain… LOL

    Ahhh…having fun and enjoying life. Suddenly the book will have arrived while I’d been living the feel good stuff!

    Love ya!


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