Happy Together & Home Again

I told this story out loud yesterday to Ozzy’s sister (the little female kitty who lost one bro and now has another one in ICU), and just wanted to cement it in place here, so here goes:

Your little brother is such a stinker. He ate too much tuna yesterday and is paying the hangover price for it today. Our silly vet gets a little worked up over a distemper test that comes back positive, even though we both know it’s just because he had his vaccinations almost two weeks ago, which can trigger a false positive.

But we’ll let him hang out at the vet’s office and get good TLC for a day or two, then when he comes back you two will have even more fun together because now you won’t take each other for granted.

He’ll be happy to be home, you’ll be happy to have him home, and I’ll be delighted that all is well with my happy kitties. Which, we know, I’ve got one banked with Universe already! ha!

9 thoughts on “Happy Together & Home Again

  1. Avatarjanettedalgliesh

    That is SUCH good news, YAY!!!

    All hail Her Imperial Majesty, the Empress of Happy Kitties, Defender of the Good Vibe, Princess of Awesomeness and the Self-Titled Queen of Goofing Off.

    Tee hee 🙂

  2. Avatarjmaw Post author

    I think part of it might be that I’ve banked so much success with previous struggles – this is where I feel the contrast the most. Oh wait, I’m giving up that story, right? ha ha

    YES, I AM!!

  3. AvatarInner Genius Coach

    How come your manifesting is so easy when it comes to cats Jeanette? You have had a slew of success stories with your kitties.

    OK, yes, I know there was a recent glitch in the system but when I think to how long I have known you, you have really done well with the kitties.

    It may be that they do not have a resistance muscle.

    Inner Genius Coach’s last blog post..Inner Genius: Your Left Brain and Your Right Brain

  4. Avatarjmaw Post author

    Oh my gosh, I/we might have revved him up a little high! He’s bouncing off the walls in here! And I haven’t even shown him the catnip essential oil yet!! lol

    Nice manifesting, ladies. 🙂

  5. Avatarjmaw Post author

    Great news! Big brother arrived home this morning, fat & happy! Although he was thrilled to see little sister again, I don’t think she recognizes his smell and the play is involving a fair amount of hissing on her part. But it’s all good. Glad to have everyone home and healthy & happy!

    Thanks for the good vibes!

  6. AvatarKimFalconer

    This post has me doing a victory dance! I can see the little guys wrestling and purring and ho’in to their AD.

    Wonderful news for my Monday morning!!!

    Wooo Hoooo Too!!! 🙂

  7. Avatarjmaw Post author

    Good news! The vet just phoned with an update!!!!!!

    Can I just say PS, how cool is it to have a vet who goes in on Sunday to look in on our little guy?! WOO HOO!!

    Anyway, white cell count NORMAL, only one small instance of vomiting, appetite fab, energy high, attitude FRISKY!! YAY!!!!

    I told vet I was challenged in finding something his sister would eat here at home, and she said, “When you come in tomorrow” – she meant when I come in to pick him up to take him HOME! WOO HOOOOOOOO! – “when you come in tomorrow, pick up some canned A.D. to serve both back at home.” A little guy virtually in the clear and more solutions for his sister here!

    YAY for happy healthy kitties!

    Happy Sunday everyone! 🙂


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