I made a huge decision today!

O boy, this is kind of hard to say. I hired a bookkeeper today!. I cannot keep track of all the sources of revenue that are coming in. I have this thing with numbers. I do not like paying too much attention to the details of counting them but I do like the deposits in my account. It felt weird giving up control of my money like that but I know she is a great book keeper.

Let me give you some back ground information.

When I was writing my book on the Inner Genius, I received what I call supernatural downloads. They were awesome. The stuff came together in a way that I never could have imagined so I know it was not all me. I know it was from supernatural downloads and when I finally finished the book, I really felt pleased and secretly proud.

Well, just last month, Wayne Dyer and I did a recording for public TV where he asks me questions about my book and we exchanged ideas. Well, this gave me so exposure and now, people are buying my book from my site, online, from amazon, ebay, Barnes and Noble and Books a million and a slew of other places.

And people are demanding my coaching programs. So here I am having to scramble to put a class together.

You know, it is a totally different feel from my first class. Now I can pay an assistant to put it togther whereas when I did my first class, I had to do it all myself.  Gosh, I feel so wonderful that I have found the perfect support system to help me with the coaching process and the book process and my book keeper is all part of the wonderful support.

I love how she prepares these little reports that show you all the income and expenses and taxes and all that good stuff.

Now, I feel like a grown up.

I have someone else counting my money and telling me all about it.

Phew! It feels good.


P.S. The really great thing is how much choice and freedom the money brings!

3 thoughts on “I made a huge decision today!

  1. AvatarSusan

    WOW! The energy is amazing. Your talents are laser focused and we reap the benefits when you are attending to your deepest desires.

  2. Avatarjmaw

    Feels liberating and abundant, all at the same time! Congrats on taking your business seriously and putting the right players in place to help you enjoy it all the more, Iyabo!


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