I love this internal, everlasting, peace…

I’ve read so many excerpts about being connected and tuned in and “in the vortex”. But they can’t compare to how I feel now. I expected some big bang. I expected fireworks. I never expected this feeling of peace. In each and everyone of my desires, I feel this profound trust. I’m not worrying or fretting, it’s just a deep knowing that everything will turn out fine. At the very LEAST they’ll turn out fine. I just trust in God and the Universe and just everything…it all feels beautifully connected and easy. It’s like walking on clouds while in a sleek boat on a calm tropical ocean.

I love this feeling. I’m so thankful for all the “trouble” that’s led me here. I’m so thankful for all the nudges of those I love and who love me. I’m grateful for all those I don’t really know but have been amazing LOA resources. I feel so at peace and just have this feeling of…knowing. It’s quite fabulous, ya know 🙂

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