I love my skin!

I love my skin! I love the deep beautiful color. I love the golden-toned tan I always get during the summer! But most of all, I love how clear my skin is! From head to toe, my skin is buttery soft and smooth. The tone is so even and rich. I love the skin on my hands. It’s dainty and feminine, but strong enough for me to handle any rough work i want to do. There is nothing I would change about my skin! It’s great to have such a beautiful body, wrapped in beautiful, healthy, radiant skin!

3 thoughts on “I love my skin!

  1. AvatarGemstone

    Tiffany Blue~

    I just got goosebumps reading your post. I now know how to go about and manifest flawless skin in my life. Thanks for making a difference with your powerful words.


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