I Love My Perfect Journey

mmmmm….yummy yummy life, yummy yummy ease, yummy yummy breeze…

I love the relief of knowing that the details aren’t my job. I love understanding, without exception, that my guidance is the only map I need. I love experiencing  the thrill of my guidance, and I appreciate it’s perfection. My feelings are my best friend, always telling me the absolute truth about what vibration I’m offering. Always giving me opportunities to get clear and stay clear. I love understanding that evidence of my desire showing up and getting the complete result are THE SAME EXPERIENCE.

All I need to know is that I’m always getting what I want. my desire is already here, always on it’s journey to even fuller manifestationg. And I love knowing that it never ends. My only job is stay in agreement with that.

Wow. How amazing to know that I HAVE THE EASY PART IN ALL OF THIS?!

ALL I have to do is feel good!
No manual labor required, ONLY EASE: Effortless Appreciation Serves Everyone.
My joy lifts up the planet and invites the lives I touch to join me in it. My life is my contribution to the consciousness I want to see in the world. I love life and life loves me.

Love To You All!

Sara E. 🙂

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