I Love My Awesome Life !!

I love my amazing life and everything in it. I am financially wealthy and I am able to spend my money on whatever I want, whenever I want. All of my debts are paid off and it is such great feeling to not have anything hanging over my head in the way of money owed to other people. I feel such freedom from worry or stress that I often laugh out loud and jump up and down with joy. I am NOW able to have the things in my life that I want to have. I have an amazing home were I live in complete peace and tranquility. I no longer am surrounded by screaming chaos, anger, jealousy and slovenliness. My house is kept neat and clean and everything is where I want it to be. All of my neighbors love me and are peaceful and giving. I have all of the money and wealth that I need to live a carefree life and to create even more wealth and abundance. I have shared my financial wealth with my brother who is about to be a father again. NOW he too does not have to worry about paying his bills or not having enough money to live on. NOW he too can have the same carefree feelings as I do and we celebrate our good fortune together on a regular basis. I love being able to help him and share with him so that he too can create whatever he wants with the help of the universe and it makes me so very happy to do so. Money flows to me everyday and in ways I never thought possible. Money finds me were ever I am. I don’t even have to work very hard for money because it is everywhere I am and finds its way to my bank account without me having to do anything. My beautiful home, my beautiful cars, all of the food which I so lovingly cook for all of my friends and family are treated with respect and are kept in the very best of conditions. I love having my beautiful home as my own little paradise and it has a very relaxing atmosphere all through it and surrounding it. I love using my beautiful home as sort of a base of operations in all of my adventures. Adventures that find me scaling granite walls, racing Speedway motorcycles, snowboarding in the most wonderful winter resorts, creating music with my collection of beautiful musical instruments or cruising around town in my gorgeous little 1956 Porsche 356 Speedster convertible. These are the adventures that I take on everyday because I can do whatever I want, whenever I want through my financial wealth and abundance. I am so grateful to the universe for keeping me in the flow were financial wealth, health and love in abundance can find me so easily. I thank the universe everyday by sharing what I have with my brother and friends and creating all of my joyful adventures.

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