It Came Together!

I love how wonderfully the Pray Rain Blog came together! How beautiful it is, easy to navigate, easy to read, inviting to contribute … it really turned out great! And the contributions everyone is making – FABULOUS!!! Sometimes I pull this blog up just to read someone else’s entry and feel my vibe go up three or four notches!

THIS is exactly what I had in mind! A community blog where we activate the vibrations of what we want, leveraging the synergy of sharing it with others, and knowing we’ve got lots of great company as the powerful deliberate creators we are.


6 thoughts on “It Came Together!

  1. AvatarDebra

    YAY!! Another place to call home!! Another place for me to feel good, be with my ‘family’ as we all strengthen community & raise the vibe together!! WOOO-HOOO!! :0) Thanks Jeannette…you’re such a gift to all of us.

  2. AvatarKalalea


    I love the beautiful space you’ve created here and can’t wait to see how everyone uses this new group blog format. Peace and Blessings to all!

  3. Avatarjmaw Post author

    Seeing your two smiling faces here is making me like this even more!! THANK YOU for joining and for infusing this space with your fabulous energy!!

  4. AvatarCoachIyabo

    I love your genius Jeanette. What a wonderful opportunity you have given us with yet another way of connecting with you and this awesome vibe.

    Hey, have I ever said “Thank You!” for the awesome vibe that everything you do has? It is so cool to know someone like you that is fully committed to her personal good vibe and thereby raises all our vibes.

    Thanks for being you!



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