I love how things just keep getting better!

My life is so wondrous! Things just keep getting better every day. While listening to all my friend’s romantic woes, all I can do is smile and feel so thankful for my great relationship! I’m with such an honest, sweet, loving guy. They used to think I was insane expecting to find a guy like him, but I knew better.  The Universe delievered even better than I expected!

I love my new job! My old one was definitely a learning experience about business and customer service, and now I’m using all the great things I learned to have a blast at this job! I love how I have flexibility in my job. As long as I let them know in advance, I can take whatever days I need off. I love how the schedule is still very professional, though. There are always enough people working and it’s a breeze to get our job done. I love what I actually do. It’s easy, fun, and I love the benefits of working there. Also, the location is perfect. It’s just close enough to be easy to get to, no matter what! Plus, the pay is great. I’m a valuable asset to the business and I feel like I get paid to have fun! I’m so happy the Universe matched my vibe exactly!

Besides this, all the little things in my life definitely keep getting better. I just have such a great time enjoying life and being me!

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