I awoke this morning with a clear mind, …

I awoke this morning with a clear mind, a full heart and the energy of an 18 year old! I ran a mile, energized my soul with yoga and grabbed the day! I own my life! I feel wonderful about my career. I am training in a corporation that I stand behind. I am getting paid very well for my time and energy and I love my students. Going to work is like breathing for me. My body is completely healed and feels wonderful. I love having no pain in my body and being able to do all the things a working mom/wife can do and more. My relationship with Stephen grows stronger everyday and we are able to take weekend getaways, sometimes with A and sometimes without any kids. We are living in our dream house and made it beautiful. My life is so terrific and I am grateful for all the riches in it. thank you THANK YOU Thank you!!!!!

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