I am so very excited today!! My husband…

I am so very excited today!! My husband and I just officially launched our on-line business at www.loaforcouples.com and have already started selling our on-line courses about using the LOA to create your ideal relationship. My husband is a wiz at on-line marketing and technology, so creating the on-line modules was a snap and tons of fun too!!

We love the fact that we can run our business together, and also continue to work on our relationship as we help other couples create the relationships of their dreams as well. We have already sold-out three of our upcoming workshops/seminars and are planning to add more to our schedule! We would also like to conduct some in other countries as well, so that is on our radar in the future.

I am so glad I found a partner who is so committed to personal growth, spirituality, and consciously using the law of attraction to create our ideal life and ideal relationship together. We are truly two peas in a pod, and fit together so well. We both wanted someone we could share everything with, both in terms of being relationship partners and business partners, and everything has come together so quickly and easily for us.

I am so excited that our on-line business is taking off so quickly, and I can’t wait to start helping hundreds of thousands of people create their ideal relationships using the law of attraction! I created my ideal relationship that way, and know I can help others do the same thing in their lives! 🙂

5 thoughts on “I am so very excited today!! My husband…

  1. AvatarSelfHelpGoddess Post author

    Oh, my website is not real (and I’m not even married yet!) but someday it will be live and up and running!! I did actually purchase the domain name so that it’s all ready for me and my husband when we’re ready to launch it! 🙂

    Hehe, I love this PRJ blog!

  2. AvatarJudiesJuice

    This sounds so exciting! I’m off to check out your new website and business. I would love to get my husband more involved and interested in LOA!! Thank you!


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