I am so grateful for everything in my life…

I am absolutely LOVING being a wife and mother!!! It gets better and better every single day, and I am just so entirely fulfilled.  I wake up every morning filled with so much gratitude to be laying next to my soulmate, and having two beautiful, healthy, happy children in the room right next door to meJ

My husband and I consciously use the law of attraction and various manifestation techniques to create our ideal relationship and life in general.  We are both living out our dreams, and are so happy to be with each other.  We put family first in everything we do, and are so fortunate that our multiple on-line businesses are able to pretty much run themselves and still rake in a TON of money!  We are able to take vacations as often as we want and know that our businesses will continue to make thousands of dollars, even while we are away.

I LOVE MY LIFE!!!  And so it isJ

2 thoughts on “I am so grateful for everything in my life…

  1. AvatarSelfHelpGoddess Post author

    Hehe, I know!! I was thinking the same thing the other day when I read your PRJ entry… 🙂 Hubby and I and kids will come visit you, your hubby, and your kids!! Heck, maybe we can even travel together! Sounds like a good plan to me… 😉


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