I am feeling SO loved, supported, and cared for!!!!

I am so fortunate to have such incredible friends!  I just realized this again today and figured I ought to document it since, when I don’t…it just feels so natural and completely normal, that I can’t even recall a time when I didn’t feel this supported, loved, and cared for.  That is how consistent they are.  I love to hear from them on the phone or online.  I look SO forward to hanging out with them!  Luckily I don’t have to wait that long as they are always calling to make plans with me.  Even when our lives get a little hectic and we can’t seem to see one another, that never stops them from picking up the phone and letting me know what’s going on (even in a voicemail).  I love knowing that I can do the same and they are so giddy to receive it.  Then, when we hang out..it is like no time has even passed .  They are just as supportive as they always were.  They make me feel so incredible.  They think I am absolutely hysterical, brilliant, and beautiful…and I can feel their confidence in me oozing from every moment of our time together.  I love that they share their lives with me.  I love that when something happens in their life…good, bad, or even in between…I am the first person they think of sharing it with.  They can’t wait to hear what I have to say about it.  They love the advice I give.  I love to see how my love for them inspires and supports them!    I adore them for making a trip to see me in nearly EVERYTHING I perform in.  Who knew they would have made the treck upstate so many times!  It is so wonderful to have such a strong support system, to know that my mom and brother are not the only people who wouldn’t think of missing a performance of mine!  I especially love their support on my birthday every year.  I thought I had to throw my own party, but they showed me that they really want to make sure my day is special and they always take care of everything.  The best part about this is that I have found so many other terrific friends as well.  I mean, these ones are special since we have been friends since college.  But, to know that…even after a few years thinking I was having a hard time finding new close friends…I had been cultivating some of the best friendships of my entire life!!!  Soooo magical!  All I ever feel is loved.  I couldn’t possibly feel more cared for.  I love having people who love me unconditionally and show me that as often as they possibly can.  I love having friends who allow me to care for them in the same way.  My friends are truly incredible and I am beyond blessed!

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  1. AvatarJM

    I just wanted to update here…

    I went out this evening in support of marriage equality here…and met up with a few of the friends I was thinking of in this post. We had an unplanned night of sipping wine and sitting on their front porch…really enjoying connecting…stories…updates….and…well…I thank this space for creating that. I felt so supported and loved. These people are awesome!!! 🙂


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