I am beyond thrilled right now! One of …

I am beyond thrilled right now! One of my biggest wishes just came true!!! I just heard back from the job I applied for. They are extremely interested in me and have asked me to take the next steps. Yeah baby!! I know this job is MINE 🙂 It is perfect, since the job is part time in the city and part time at home so I am still able to take care of my girls, walk them to school and be home by the time they get home. They mentioned the salary and I was SHOCKED to see how well they are willing to compensate me. It blew me away. I know I will develop many new skills that will only benefit me. I am so happy and relieved that everything is just falling perfectly in place. What a relief!

I cannot wait to see what other amazing opportunities and experiences that are coming my way. Thank you Universe and Thank You Jeannette for creating this blog.

2 thoughts on “I am beyond thrilled right now! One of …

  1. AvatarJudiesJuice

    I love how fast my dreams are manifesting!! I’ve already made it to the next round and they have asked me to come in for an official interview next week. I am so excited!! I have the perfect outfit, my portfolio looks great and I am psyched. This job is MINE baby!!!!!

  2. AvatarCoach T.I.A

    OMG Judie how exciting!! Love when it all falls into our lap so easily and perfectly 😀 You get paid for having fun and developing your skills – fabulous!! Way to go, woohoo!


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