I am abundant

Wow i am on the top of the world right now. I have got a raise of six thousand Rupees in my salary. Now my salary is 18000. Not only that i have started getting at least two kids every day for intervention. From my interventions also i am getting a huge amount of money every month. I am also starting to recieve money from unexpected sources. My savings account these days is having a high balance. With the money i can afford anything i want and the best part is i am completely financially indipendent. Since everyday i am consuming nutritious food and exercising regularly my health is at its best. Every cell and organ in my body is functioning optimally. I feel truly blessed with the steady flow of abundance to my life. I am really worth for all these. I am a good money manager. I always make use of the money and health for the betterment of this world in where i live. Thank you divine lite.

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