Good to Be Me

heartsLittle by little – scratch that – lots by lots I’m noticing BIG differences in myself.  I wake up with more enthusiasm and energy than ever.  I literally bounce out of bed (kind of like Tia does, I think.)  I sing out “good morning” to the dogs and cats and birds and flowers.  They look at me like I’m up too early.  I feel like a Disney character or something!! ha ha

I bounce down the stairs, and there are so many things I’m excited to do that I’m not sure where to start first!  But I let inner guidance choose, and it’s different every day.  And it’s perfect every day.  I’m having SUCH a good time being me!!

My body is full of energy and SO cooperative of whatever I feel like doing!  She feels flexible and strong and fit and a little bit like showing off!  We truly are getting better with time, which I always knew would happen, being my Capricorn self.  (That story is truly paying off now!)  🙂

I admire my ability to let go of what’s not serving me, and to turn towards what is.  Perfect health, high energy, enormous satisfaction, superb enthusiasm – honestly, what did I do to deserve all this?!  Oh, silly me – I PICKED IT!!!!  hee hee heee

Gosh, I rock!!

7 thoughts on “Good to Be Me

  1. AvatarCoach T.I.A

    And yes, I do bounce and sing out Good Morninggggggggg Universe on most days 🙂 I have this vision of you as Snow White running around the forest surrounded by animals, birds and tress … fine visual!

  2. AvatarCoach T.I.A

    My rising is Cap too :D!! Saggi sun, Cancer moon, rising Cap. Awesome … no WONDER we all get on so well – my best friends are cappies and saggis 🙂


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