Fit Feels Good & Grateful for Green!

You know what I love the most right now?  I love that I’m feeling healthier, more vibrant, more alive, more physically AND energetically FIT than ever before in my life!  (Is it possible that I’m youthing?!  I believe so!)

I love how my body is responding to me in such a loving, supportive way.  She hears my gratitude and feels my deep love for her…that must be why.

Exercising is FUN.  I know that my body needs me to participate in keeping her healthy.  I enjoy being there for her.

Walking in Green with Gratitude

Walking in Green with Gratitude

Walking in nature is my absolute favorite way to give my body the exercise she deserves.  It nourishes my soul at the very same time.

I love how the color GREEN activates me…nurtures me…feeds me.  Give me GREEN!!  (I’m chuckling inside right now, because I’m mostly meaning green as in trees, plants, foliage…and green as in veggies…but as I typed it the image that flew across the movie screen of my mind’s eye was of MONEY…big GREEN CASH abundantly surrounding me!!!  How cool is that?!)  Yes.  Give me GREEN.  Green, fresh veggies.  Greenery.  Green Dinero.  Green.

WOW!!  Somehow exercising and being fit brings me more abundance!  Very cool.  Just by me loving myself enough to take good care…I am supported with abundance and prosperity.  OF COURSE I AM.

I also LOVE jumping.  Jumping for JOY on my trampoline.  Every jump is reminds me of leaps in life that feel oh so goood.  Inspired Jumping!  Hehehe.

Being FIT feels so darn good.  I feel strong, unstoppable…super charged super woman!!

9 thoughts on “Fit Feels Good & Grateful for Green!

  1. Avatarinspiredvibes

    HELLO Yumminess!! Count me in for youthing and being fit with EASE also. It is so much fun to be alive and allow! *Blessings Abound*

  2. Avatardmdobbins98

    I love this & Pernille’s post as well. I’m in for youthing and happy, easy, fit & Healthy body! I love mine more everyday!

  3. Avatartiffany blue

    Debra, you make me want a trampoline in the middle of a rain forest! I love the very aloof, flowy vibe of this post! I love nature too, so I’m sure half my arm strength comes from hugging all those trees! 🙂

  4. AvatarDebra Post author

    Oh yeah, Tia…what blue background? Do you mean the shaded area behind the indented part? When you post from the back end/admin area, click on the last icon in the first row…and it reveals the “everything but the kitchen sink” row! The shaded area is done by using the quote icon that magically appears as an option. Make sense?

    We use WordPress for all of our blogs/sites so I’m oh so familiar with the ‘back end’…it’s got a nice one. hehe :0)

  5. AvatarDebra Post author

    Here’s to YOUTHING, Jeannette! I think you’ve got youthing figured out, young one. (So funny, looks like YOU-Thing hehe)

    Happy to serve, Tia…you’re such an alive, joyous lovely!

    And Dave!!! SO fun to see/feel you here!! YAY!!! :0) Hugs to you…and we’ll share the attitude cultivating ’cause you plant some pretty awesome attitude yourself!

  6. AvatarCoach T.I.A

    Love it!! How did you get the blue color background for some of the text!? So cool 😀 Just reading your post is bringing me back my aliveness and natural joyousness thank you!

  7. AvatarDave Trager

    Nice post, Deb, and love the new blog, J!

    I am all about the green myself. 🙂

    Here is to cultivating an attitude like Debs! 🙂


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