Feeling great in my body

Isn’t it fantastic how easy it is for me to obtain my ideal weight and feel great in my body? I have wonderful conversations with my body about what to eat next and whatever the answer is, I enjoy it completely and feel how every cell in my body is nurtured. I love how this works – I know and understand all the shortcuts and I litterally go down one size every week – woohoo this is so fun and easy

5 thoughts on “Feeling great in my body

  1. AvatarToni

    All the cells of my body are laughing.

    Some cells are giggling with joy and well-being, some cells are roaring out with laughter, highly amused and envigorated, pulling along with them those cells who, for a long while, barely have been smiling.

    Now they’re all feeling warm and fuzzy and soft and flexible and excited.

    They feel the flow inside them – a calm and harmonic and warm flow of happiness.

    I love every little cell of my wonderful clever body. I am so grateful for their incredible persistence, for their loving kindness towards me, and for being just so downright lovely and well functioning.

    And I accept and respect and love all of them exactly as they are.

    Thank you, Universe, for providing me with such a great team of molecules to carry me around here! 🙂

  2. AvatarDebra

    OMGoodness! Seriously, Pernille! I was creating my post…hit publish…came to check it on the home page and here you are with a post titled, “Feeling Great in My Body”?!

    So cool that both of us are experiencing love and support for and from our bodies!!! Yay for us!! :0)

    I find that the more healthily I eat…the more healthy I want to eat. And green?? OMGoodness. Green food just turns me on! Apparently my body loves it too. Evidenced by me fitting into clothes that I haven’t worn in several years. Loving the refined, toned, glowing skinned, healthier, happier, slimmer version of me!!

    Just awesome, Pernille!!


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