Every Little Thing, Is Gonna Be Alright !!

It’s the most awesome feeling in the world to be able to help someone come to a place where they are no longer stressed about money. I recently received a very large check from a certain commission whom I had provided a set of stats to, numbers if you will. I was very surprised and elated at receiving the money as it has taken me into new territory as someone who is now completely financially independent. At first I had no idea what I was going to do with so much money. I already have everything I ever wanted in life. Then I thought of my family and my siblings to be specific. Several of whom have been struggling with debt, the lousy economy and jobs that paid them very little.  So I set about dividing up some of the new found wealth that I had received and drawing up Living Trusts to hold the funds for each of my siblings, as well a lump sum amount to go directly to them immediately. To see each of their faces as I visited  each sibling one at a time and handed them a six figure check and explained what they would receive on an annual basis from the Living Trust set up in their name, was like magic !! There were tears and it was if a giant weight had been lifted from off of their shoulders. I could literally see each one become lighter, almost floating, as their long struggle came to an end and each person breathed a sigh of relief. The feeling I got from the process was one of joy, happiness, and I too felt the lightness of their relief and the knowing that my brother and sister, as well as their families would not have to live with worry and stress any longer.

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