Didn’t know life could feel soooooooo g…

Didn’t know life could feel soooooooo good.
I continue to generate spontaneous feelings of happy, connected, fulfilled, prosperous and free, and it feels like the summer breeze, so warm and inviting, natural and pure.
Our transition into our new home in our new state has been magical. Miracles showing up everywhere I turn. I am living in this constant state of “blessedness” and its PROFOUND!
Its like my angels have gathered round me busily pre-paving the way, showering me with gifts of love, happy people, unexpected money, and everything we need for things to flow smoothly.
Our new home is beautiful, much nicer than I expected. It feels warm and inviting. The kids love it, and the whole family seems happy and light.
As I look around our new home, I take in the all the beauty and uniqueness of the space. We have amazing art and decor, our new furniture is cozy comfortable and perfect.
I sit at our new dining room table, and touch the deep mahogany stained wood, I feel connected to the tree that provided this luxury for us, and give thanks.
The table is adorned with simple candles and a vibrant bouquet of fresh flowers from market. I notice with awe their beauty and my heart again swells with gratitude for the perfection in nature and this moment.
As I walk up the stairs, my family still sleeps, and I surround each one with love, knowing they are perfect, and magnificant beings, I honor their gifts and talants and do my best to encourage them in positive ways.
Entering my bedroom as my honey sleeps, the faint smell of incense reminds me of the sacredness of our space. I’ve created an oasis for us, a haven to relax, renew and retreat from the world.
Our plush king size bed is massive and ohhhhhhhhhh so comfy. The walls are decorated with art to inspire and pictures of us and our family. I take the time to notice and give thanks.
I settle in to my chaise lounge for my morning taps, grats and meditation. Light a scented candle and lift my vibration easily even more into pure bliss.
I am blessed with this perfect home filled with beauty and love.
I am thankful for this safe haven.

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