Date: July 9, 2008; 4 pm Eastern. Wow! …

Date: July 9, 2008; 4 pm Eastern.

Wow! What a wonderful day. I had a couple of radio shows and did the bonus class for the Money Mojo Magic class.

I love how I went into Zen mode yesterday and just knew that today would unfold beautifully. The radio shows went fabulous and we had large audiences.

The bonus class was amazing! Boy, I love teaching. There were tons of people on the call and the technology went flawlessly. I love talkshoe. It is always a joy to get on the calls there.

I am pretty impressed with myself. I entered into a space of love before the call started and I poured love out of my heart for the attendees on the call. I love how I do that. I really do. My knowledge was wonderful but what was even more amazing was my intuition. I could tell where the audience wanted to go and I went there with them.

What a wonderful group of people on the call. The energy was so clean and open. They were open to what I had to say and they received it. I enjoyed everyone’s energy. The audience opened up and asked questions and the questions that were asked ended up helping everyone.

I love the feedback I got after the class.

“Iyabo, this is stuff that we needed to hear.”
“Iyabo, you hit the head on a couple of missing links.”
“Iyabo, just entering into your space of love and acceptance helped me look at my money vibe.”
“Iyabo, I am feeling a shift already.”
“What else are you offering?”
“Iyabo, you bring a different perspective to some of what we already know and it helps us learn it even better.”

I love when I talked about my Discover your Inner Genius class, that people were interested and eager to find out more.

Now, on to take lessons learned and apply them to my class.

I love how this was before my class so I could get in a high energy vibe for my class.

Thanks Money Mojo Magic members. I am so honored to be in your presence.

You guys rock!

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  1. AvatarPernille Madsen

    Iyabo, thanks for your powerful bonus class, I was there and it was simply amazing, it was like it was made just for me and I had several AHA-moments – I tell you this, I am feeling a shift already – woohoooo


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