Dance Fusion

Here the Universe giving more happiness again! I love dancing because my soul becomes strong and powerful, unstoppable and unique… and the Universe loves to seeme like that!

My lovely friend, who is doing a Master in Yoga for women, offers me to do her practicum in my home!! I am so blessed for it. My closest friends are coming to my temple, to enjoy and fulfill my house with passion. Each class is an hour,and is a fusion fitness class incorporating elements from bellydance, indian and african dance,core abdominal strengthening from Pilates, and yoga stretching.with great high energy music!

Imagine so.. I’m going to enjoy more every week of this summer, giving to my body energy trough my favorite exercise: dancing, dancing and dancing with love and gratitude. I appreciate my friend generosity in share with me all her knowledge and most important her inner passion.

Yeahhhhh I am already celebrating the wonder of being a woman!

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