Cool little manifestation story!

This isn’t really a PRJ entry, but it’s a cool little manifestation story that just happened to me and I felt the need to share somewhere… so I thought, why not share it here!  🙂

Anyway, I’m at my J-O-B and I had a caffeine headache this morning so I REALLY wanted to go buy a Diet Pepsi to get some caffeine in my system.  I looked in my wallet and didn’t have any single dollar bills, but I had some change so I was trying to scrape enough together to get my Diet Pepsi.  Every time I thought I had already found all the “silver coins” in my wallet I would say to myself, “You don’t have enough change there, so go back in your wallet and find some more silver coins.”  And each time I went back in there, I found another one!  So I finally got to the point where I only needed one more dime and I was sure that I didn’t have any silver coins left anywhere… I looked in the bottom of my purse, emptied out my wallet, looked through the change pouch several times and I didn’t see anything.  I didn’t want to ask anyone for the dime, though, so I told myself, “You will go back in your wallet and find a dime now.” And sure enough I did!!!

So then I went to the vending machine and I was putting in the coins, but some of them were rejected by the machine several times.  But I just kept saying to the Universe, “I want this Diet Pepsi and I want it now, and I’m going to use these coins to purchase it!”  And sure enough, after a couple tries it eventually took all my change!  I got my Diet Pepsi and now my headache is gone!!

Moral of the story: believe you can have what you want, tell the Universe you expect to get it, take action, and go get it!!!  🙂

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