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An acquaintance told me how his wife got her job. Years and years ago, like about 16 years ago, she went on holiday in another country where she had some friends. She was staying at her friends’ condo and they had a great view overlooking the downtown area. She could see an enormous skyscraper from their window, it dominated the whole sky and it was all lit up with coloured lights. The skyscraper belonged to Company Z and you could see the logo of Company Z at the top of it, in fact it was called the Company Z Tower. She said to herself, wouldn’t it be so fancy to work in that tower for Company Z, I wish I could work for a company like Company Z, that has a skyscraper with coloured lights and all covered with glass windows all the way around it.

Well she returned home and carried on with life as usual. A year later she graduated and started looking for a job. She sent out CV’s all over the place and guess which company hired her? The local office of Company Z (an international firm with offices all over the world). Now she has been working for Company Z for 15 years, she’s deliriously happy with her job and loves it, and she works on the thirtieth floor of a skyscraper with coloured lights and all covered with glass windows all around it, with a view from her office that takes your breath away.

Hello everyone. Neat blog! A few years ago I was in an unhappy relationship with an abusive man and I couldn’t see any way out, I didn’t have a place to go to, no job, no money, no family to help me and two little kids. A while ago I was browsing through old letter drafts and I found one where I was telling all my friends how I FINALLY got away from X. I told my friends that I had been worrying for nothing, that I easily got custody of the kids, that the judge assigned the apartment to ME to live in with the kids so having a place to live didn’t turn out to be a problem, that I found work and all the great fun that I had been having with the kids ever since we left X. I told my friends about all the outings and excursions that I was taking the kids on. I even told them the dates, I told them that we got away from X in April. A really nice, upbeat but normal letter. I thought, oh that’s nice I wrote this letter but I forgot to send it.

THEN……….. I checked the date on the letter. I had written that letter in JANUARY of the same year that I left X! Four months before I actually succeeded in escaping from him. It was so accurate and spot-on, all the details were exactly the SAME as really happened later in real life, even right down to the dates! But after I had written that letter I stashed it away (I guess I had the intention of sending it to my friends when what I wrote in it came true), but then I forgot all about it. It was so accurate that I thought I had written it AFTER everything in it had already happened.

Good to Be Me

heartsLittle by little – scratch that – lots by lots I’m noticing BIG differences in myself.  I wake up with more enthusiasm and energy than ever.  I literally bounce out of bed (kind of like Tia does, I think.)  I sing out “good morning” to the dogs and cats and birds and flowers.  They look at me like I’m up too early.  I feel like a Disney character or something!! ha ha

I bounce down the stairs, and there are so many things I’m excited to do that I’m not sure where to start first!  But I let inner guidance choose, and it’s different every day.  And it’s perfect every day.  I’m having SUCH a good time being me!!

My body is full of energy and SO cooperative of whatever I feel like doing!  She feels flexible and strong and fit and a little bit like showing off!  We truly are getting better with time, which I always knew would happen, being my Capricorn self.  (That story is truly paying off now!)  🙂

I admire my ability to let go of what’s not serving me, and to turn towards what is.  Perfect health, high energy, enormous satisfaction, superb enthusiasm – honestly, what did I do to deserve all this?!  Oh, silly me – I PICKED IT!!!!  hee hee heee

Gosh, I rock!!

Yeah baby! Have just been headhunted i…

Yeah baby!

Have just been headhunted into a new three-day a week job with the same take-home pay – or better! – than my current job; AND I’m working with people I love doing fun things every day!

The first novel is polished to a brilliant shine and my new publisher loves it so much, it will get a big marketing budget – look for it in the front window of your local bookshop! It already has an online following and word of mouth will see it reach amazing sales figures.

The second novel storyline is gelling beautifully, with all the complex narrative arcs resolving themselves seamlessly and effortlessly, and the characters just popping off the page – I don’t need to make up what they do, I just report it as they play out their amazing journeys!

I love my new car, the smell and feel of it, and the gorgeous vivid colour – love the purr of the engine on the open road, the way it responds under my hand and the beautiful design.

Every day the adventure just gets more and more fun – whoo hoo!!

I am so very excited today!! My husband…

I am so very excited today!! My husband and I just officially launched our on-line business at and have already started selling our on-line courses about using the LOA to create your ideal relationship. My husband is a wiz at on-line marketing and technology, so creating the on-line modules was a snap and tons of fun too!!

We love the fact that we can run our business together, and also continue to work on our relationship as we help other couples create the relationships of their dreams as well. We have already sold-out three of our upcoming workshops/seminars and are planning to add more to our schedule! We would also like to conduct some in other countries as well, so that is on our radar in the future.

I am so glad I found a partner who is so committed to personal growth, spirituality, and consciously using the law of attraction to create our ideal life and ideal relationship together. We are truly two peas in a pod, and fit together so well. We both wanted someone we could share everything with, both in terms of being relationship partners and business partners, and everything has come together so quickly and easily for us.

I am so excited that our on-line business is taking off so quickly, and I can’t wait to start helping hundreds of thousands of people create their ideal relationships using the law of attraction! I created my ideal relationship that way, and know I can help others do the same thing in their lives! 🙂

ISS Sighting

ISS Sighting

Last week on MM&Y (Moon Moo and You) we had on Laura Whitelaw  and Lix Lichti, EFT and ZPoint coaches, and friends from our weekly Master Mind Group!

At the end of the show, Liz led us through a ZPoint session and we were in a meditative state.

Suddenly my iPhone started showing Tweets from the Astronauts looking down from their International Space Station and admiring and celebrating the beauty of Mother-Earth.

This was somewhat of a miracle since I did not have my iPhone turned on to receive such messages.

But the experience of PRAY FREEDOM was strengthened by this message. Suddenly perspective was magnified as to the fragile beauty of the present moment and how precious life is.

Last night I actually saw the ISS going at 17,200 miles per hour as the astronauts were orbiting the earth. Once again, a message from the astronauts themselves–allow the pray success, pray great wealth, pray single payer, pray gratitude enfold in the natural cylic motions of of the sea, the moon, the menstral cycle-all of it!

Allow the beauty of life itself dictate every great insight and love we have for every moment!

Patience, patience and more patience arose out of this experience for me. Write Pray rain, carry it with me always, allow the people to be who they are in my life-allow myself to be me, always.


The Joys Of Freedom For All Americans!!

180px-fuzzy_freddyRed Fox Wisdom of invisibility, shapeshifting and getting exactly what I want–a seamless, prosperous exit from the workplace worldview!!

All weekend long, while in the workplace, I kept my portable PRJournal close at hand so that when dysfunction occurred, I quietly took it out and wrote about the very moment when I would be making my final exit!

House Bill 1660 and Senate Bill 400-Single Payer Guaranteed Healthcare 4all- is passed and no one has to ever claim bankruptcy  to pay medical bills- ever again!! Being tied to a job you hate-because of Employee Based Health insurance- is a thing of the past!! We now live in a productive society where everyone is doing what they love without having to worry about what to do in the event of illness!!

Yes!! Single Payer Rocks On!! I am free!! We all are free!! America is now a civilized country!!

OMG, I forgot one last thing!!!! I also…

OMG, I forgot one last thing!!!! I also heard back from TWO magazine editors (Shape and Self magazine). I have been emailing them pitches for magazine articles and they BOTH formally assigned me stories!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am on a roll baby!!!! This is so amazing!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I am beyond thrilled right now! One of …

I am beyond thrilled right now! One of my biggest wishes just came true!!! I just heard back from the job I applied for. They are extremely interested in me and have asked me to take the next steps. Yeah baby!! I know this job is MINE 🙂 It is perfect, since the job is part time in the city and part time at home so I am still able to take care of my girls, walk them to school and be home by the time they get home. They mentioned the salary and I was SHOCKED to see how well they are willing to compensate me. It blew me away. I know I will develop many new skills that will only benefit me. I am so happy and relieved that everything is just falling perfectly in place. What a relief!

I cannot wait to see what other amazing opportunities and experiences that are coming my way. Thank you Universe and Thank You Jeannette for creating this blog.

I too love the Pray Rain Blog! And wha…

I too love the Pray Rain Blog!

And what a week is coming! I power into my writing. I had no idea I could get so much story plotted in such a short time. Wow. This just gets easier and easier. How fun!

And I had forgotten about THAT money on it’s way. How cool to have it land this week.

AND, the biggest surprise coming is a phone call from HIM! I’m going on a date with HIM! Can you imagine? You don’t have to! I’ll tell you about it next week!

Thank you Jeannette!

Here’s to the best blog ever!

Pray Rain!

Another fabulous day. Swimming in the m…

Another fabulous day. Swimming in the morning followed by mango and papaya salad. As the rain approached to water gardens, I checked in for some LiveCounseling clients. Love these quick sessions with amazing results for the clients. Spent some time drafting my latest book, The Shaman Next Door. Off to some fun activities. Life just gets better every day.

Fluffy, Fat, Happy Kitties!

img_1780These kitties are bouncing off the walls they’re so happy and healthy! I can hardly contain them they’re so filled with high energy and are the pictures of perfect health. Fluffy, fat, happy kitties!! What a joy!!

ANOTHER happy unfolding for my foster kitties! Gosh, we’re good. tee hee

(Thanks, Universe!! You know how I love it when our kitties do so well!)

Wow, I have been offline (by choice) for…

Wow, I have been offline (by choice) for 2 days and look what happens while I’m away – Jeannette outdoes herself by setting up the best blog on the Internet! Yes, I know it’s a Big Statement, but come on folks – you know I’m right 😉

It’s nearly my bedtime and I don’t have much to say right now, just THANK YOU Jeannette for making this wonderful playground for the rest of us to hang out. Twitter is good but sometimes 140 just isn’t enough…


My Small PRJ With Many Many Pages!!

I like the idea of carrying around a portable PRJ with me that fits in my pocket, pouch or purse!!

I love that when I feel discouraged by my work situation, the PRJ is right within reach and easy to jot down a beautiful sentence or 2 about my eventual exit.

I wrote a resignation letter in my PRJ-which the letter is a work in progress!

It reads as follows:

Dear Administrative People, I am giving 4-6 weeks notice and will be leaving 9/9/09. I am sorry to leave all my friends because I love all of you.

I have been summoned by my highest calling to move on to other realms of contribution.

I appreciate all of it!!


Welcoming A New Life!!

Bull's Eye!!I am so happy and excited to receive notice of an exciting and wonderful opportunity that will allow a rapid exit from the work-force!!

I love my life and know something is in store for me!! Our radio show is rocking on, My EBooks are selling like hotcakes, I  have a new career reading people’s EBooks and loving every moment, as I infuse enthusiasm and love into every word!!

I am so happy and excited by the successes of everyone in my life and for everyone here on the PR Blog!!

I live in the present moment, love the energy of the fun and happiness on Moon, Moo & You, and openly embrace the pure potentiality of each new day!!

Love and Thanks!!

Sydney’s Next Fabulous Step

img_22951I can’t believe I worried for a single second about Sydney’s next step in her journey! Her new foster home is a dream come true!

They treat her like the most valued member of their family; she gets the run of the place, (which is easy for her to navigate); she always has great company and is totally relaxed and happy living with them. She’s got a beautiful yard to hang out in, great neighbors to love her too (including young kids – her favorite!!), another golden retriever who she likes quite a bit (and who adores her back!), she gets lots of TLC and quality time with her people, she continues her dramatic and swift healing (gosh I love that girl!), and she’s happier than she’s ever been in her entire life.

These people have great energy and are so happy to welcome her into their lives! They’ve invited us to visit anytime and asked if we could please exchange photos and video of Sydney. She sure does deserve this happy next step!!

I feel so lucky to have been part of her journey and am grateful for the new family who will see her through the rest of her healing, maybe even be her permanent loving home.

Thank you angels!  MWAH!!

It Came Together!

I love how wonderfully the Pray Rain Blog came together! How beautiful it is, easy to navigate, easy to read, inviting to contribute … it really turned out great! And the contributions everyone is making – FABULOUS!!! Sometimes I pull this blog up just to read someone else’s entry and feel my vibe go up three or four notches!

THIS is exactly what I had in mind! A community blog where we activate the vibrations of what we want, leveraging the synergy of sharing it with others, and knowing we’ve got lots of great company as the powerful deliberate creators we are.