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Freedom is Fabulous!

This morning, I woke up in slinky pajamas.  The hotel sheets lingered on my body and I languished in the bed.  My lover turned over and cuddled up to me and sighed in blissful sleep.  I could feel the sun calling my name, so I crawled out of bed and stretched.  I stepped out on the veranda and basked in the beautiful French scenery.  I ordered croissants and fruit from room service (in French, mind you!) and returned back to my lounge chair with my laptop in tow.  Living in France for a few months has definitely inspired me to write!

My cell phone ran, and I answered to one of my big clients.  She wants me to setup a technical call with her Fortune 500 company.  Another easy sale!  I’m in such high demand, that I am able to pick and choose only the clients that are on my same wavelength.

After scanning my email, I check my websites.  Unique visits are sky rocketing and my creative products are selling like hot cakes!  The abundance which has flowed to me has enabled me to help other women around the world.  I am so honored to have been given this mission to free women’s hearts, minds, and lives by empowering them to live a passionate, abundant life!

I’m very grateful to live in a world where I am free to make my own choices.  I am free to work when I please and from anywhere in the world.  My children have traveled the world with me and are schooled in life experiences.  The biggest lessons they have learned are compassion and empathy.  I am so proud of them!


2 Deals & a Wife… (What a Life!)

My first week of being self employed.  The leap that paid off! The Bank was great met some really great friends that supported me to begin anew. I am newly engaged to the most Fabulous Lady & creative ones  as well. She’s been doing super great getting her dream web design clients and now we’re doing it.

All of our dreams when we first met are now coming true.  I landed 2 Design deals that made us more money in my first weeks then my last 2 months at the bank.

To quote a very important T.V Icon in our home & in yours if you have little ones; “We Did it!” Dora