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An acquaintance told me how his wife got her job. Years and years ago, like about 16 years ago, she went on holiday in another country where she had some friends. She was staying at her friends’ condo and they had a great view overlooking the downtown area. She could see an enormous skyscraper from their window, it dominated the whole sky and it was all lit up with coloured lights. The skyscraper belonged to Company Z and you could see the logo of Company Z at the top of it, in fact it was called the Company Z Tower. She said to herself, wouldn’t it be so fancy to work in that tower for Company Z, I wish I could work for a company like Company Z, that has a skyscraper with coloured lights and all covered with glass windows all the way around it.

Well she returned home and carried on with life as usual. A year later she graduated and started looking for a job. She sent out CV’s all over the place and guess which company hired her? The local office of Company Z (an international firm with offices all over the world). Now she has been working for Company Z for 15 years, she’s deliriously happy with her job and loves it, and she works on the thirtieth floor of a skyscraper with coloured lights and all covered with glass windows all around it, with a view from her office that takes your breath away.

Freedom is Fabulous!

This morning, I woke up in slinky pajamas.  The hotel sheets lingered on my body and I languished in the bed.  My lover turned over and cuddled up to me and sighed in blissful sleep.  I could feel the sun calling my name, so I crawled out of bed and stretched.  I stepped out on the veranda and basked in the beautiful French scenery.  I ordered croissants and fruit from room service (in French, mind you!) and returned back to my lounge chair with my laptop in tow.  Living in France for a few months has definitely inspired me to write!

My cell phone ran, and I answered to one of my big clients.  She wants me to setup a technical call with her Fortune 500 company.  Another easy sale!  I’m in such high demand, that I am able to pick and choose only the clients that are on my same wavelength.

After scanning my email, I check my websites.  Unique visits are sky rocketing and my creative products are selling like hot cakes!  The abundance which has flowed to me has enabled me to help other women around the world.  I am so honored to have been given this mission to free women’s hearts, minds, and lives by empowering them to live a passionate, abundant life!

I’m very grateful to live in a world where I am free to make my own choices.  I am free to work when I please and from anywhere in the world.  My children have traveled the world with me and are schooled in life experiences.  The biggest lessons they have learned are compassion and empathy.  I am so proud of them!


Good news :)

I am so happy and grateful now that I have my settlement in my checking account. I only put into my checking account the amount I need to use. I put the rest in savings. All looks great financially! I also have 4 job interviews scheduled for September. Employers are eager to hire me and pay me $40,000 per year.

Sales continue to climb this month at CATS. Clients are just walking through the door paying for our services. Other clients are calling nationwide for services as well. We are making money hand-over-fist.

I deserve and now have ever-lasting TRUE love. I enjoy the feeling I now have due to seeing my “life partner” over lunch. Our relationship is headed toward serious commitment. My life partner mentions traveling together very soon. I am so happy to spend one-on-one time with him – quality time getting to know each other deeply. We are so HAPPY when we are together.


Work is good!

Sales are through the roof this month at Confident Accounting and Tax Service! My boss is VERY proud of me. This is a record-breaking month for sales. Clients continue to call the office in need of tax return preparation and the clients are more than eager to pay us. Referrals are also coming in because we do a great job! My reward is a bonus.

I am also very happy because my attorney says my settlement is final. The settlement check clears the bank today! Boy, I am happy with the amount! The money allows me to afford great things while I am job-searching. After I get my new job, I am happy to save the remainder.

Love is still in the air! I see my “life partner” today. I am happy to see him because I know he comes bearing great news! All is nice!!!

it’s all perfect!

Everything I want is here today! I love feeling being so relaxed and chilled inside knowing I’ve started today feeling happy and having that tingling feeling inside because I am doing the job I love. Coaching people and helping others is so fun and I know working together with the business I want, I am now making this happen. Each day is fun and exciting and it feels good to know I AM impacting people’s lives! The money just keeps rolling in my bank account, infact my bank account is filling up so fast I am about to open up an other account so I can put all the extra income in there, I love this life.

Inner Genius Teleclass

I am teaching a five week teleclass on Discover your Inner Genius starting July 7th at 2 pm Eastern.

The preview class is on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009.

I love the downstream feeling I am having about all this. I am in the vortex. I am in the flow of powerful information and experiences that are already making this  class a phenomenal success.

For the preview call, I have been using my new “smoothing” tool to gain greater alignment with what I want. It is an amazing process. I love how I have gotten such trmendous supernatural downloads of information, epiphanies and connections. You know when serendipity happens, life is so good. It is Universe’s wink that seduces you to glide downwards on the stream.

I really am happy about this class. The number of people I wanted on the preview call all signed up. I deliver such great value on the preview call that the attendees all sign up easily. They tell everyone they know about it and it spreads  like wildfire. The class itself enrolls the perfect number of geniuses that I want.

I am on my game. I handle questions easily and effortlessly. The right words come out of my mouth at the right times. The words that come out of my mouth have that flow that I sometimes get where the spiritual downloads by pass my brain and flow out of my lips elegantly and gracefully, putting words together in a way that I could never have put together. I love being in that that flow. I experience it in the preview call and on all the five classes and with each of the geniuses that I will be coaching.

I love my attendees to the class. They are amazing men and women who are truly seeking for answers. They are geniuses. They love that they have value and want to find more ways to express it. The information they learn on the call is absolutely empowering. Their hearts open up to change and they experience true love in the class. The class is safe for each member. It is nurturing. It is a cozy learning environment and my learners know that I am the expert and they enjoy that.

Each participant actively participates in the class and it is life changing for each person.

We also have a lot of fun on the call and lots of laughter.

Technology supports me throughout the process from the call, the chatroom, the forums, paypal, aweber and any other peice of technology that is involved including my laptop and electricity and internet connection. I love how seamlessly and easily it all flows together.

I feel so proud and rewarded for the amount of income I generate from this class. I feel bold and courageous in stepping out and supporting my role as a coach in offering this class to complete strangers.

I learn from my students and I am even more focused on what other classes to teach as a result of teaching this teleseries.

I love how my subscriber list quadruples as a result of putting this class out there. Each of my subscribers are geniuses as well.

Ahhhh. I love my genius community.