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My Prayers Now Answered!

It is absolutely wonderful! I have now manifested £10,000.00, which has come to me in such a wonderful and magical way! This is absolutely awesome! I am singing and dancing and jumping for joy! My Cosmic Order for this money has been delivered in perfect time for what I need it for. Yes….my prayers have been answered! I am so grateful for this! I give thanks for the abundance that is mine now, and gratefully accept even more abundance that is being showered upon me now! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Progress :)

I am so excited. I finally got the apartment looking just the way I want it. It took only a short period of time! The water-view from my bedroom looks amazing! I can hear the waves crash against the shore at night.

I am so glad that the parties in my settlement are highly cooperative! The lawyer says to expect the money in my account today! I am so excited!

Lunch was so fun today with my sweetheart!  He enjoys seeing me and continues to visit me at home and at work. He has great feelings about me and protects me. All is well with him and me.

Good news :)

I am so happy and grateful now that I have my settlement in my checking account. I only put into my checking account the amount I need to use. I put the rest in savings. All looks great financially! I also have 4 job interviews scheduled for September. Employers are eager to hire me and pay me $40,000 per year.

Sales continue to climb this month at CATS. Clients are just walking through the door paying for our services. Other clients are calling nationwide for services as well. We are making money hand-over-fist.

I deserve and now have ever-lasting TRUE love. I enjoy the feeling I now have due to seeing my “life partner” over lunch. Our relationship is headed toward serious commitment. My life partner mentions traveling together very soon. I am so happy to spend one-on-one time with him – quality time getting to know each other deeply. We are so HAPPY when we are together.


Work is good!

Sales are through the roof this month at Confident Accounting and Tax Service! My boss is VERY proud of me. This is a record-breaking month for sales. Clients continue to call the office in need of tax return preparation and the clients are more than eager to pay us. Referrals are also coming in because we do a great job! My reward is a bonus.

I am also very happy because my attorney says my settlement is final. The settlement check clears the bank today! Boy, I am happy with the amount! The money allows me to afford great things while I am job-searching. After I get my new job, I am happy to save the remainder.

Love is still in the air! I see my “life partner” today. I am happy to see him because I know he comes bearing great news! All is nice!!!

it’s all perfect!

Everything I want is here today! I love feeling being so relaxed and chilled inside knowing I’ve started today feeling happy and having that tingling feeling inside because I am doing the job I love. Coaching people and helping others is so fun and I know working together with the business I want, I am now making this happen. Each day is fun and exciting and it feels good to know I AM impacting people’s lives! The money just keeps rolling in my bank account, infact my bank account is filling up so fast I am about to open up an other account so I can put all the extra income in there, I love this life.

Why does Wealth and Abundance Flow Freely through me???

Dear Diary

I am so amazed at how my life is unfolding wonderfully for me. Why are things going really well for me? I am sooo very appreciative to now have the money and resources to do what I want when I want with ease. Universe, What are the infinite possibilities of more and more goodness?

Just yesterday I received more than £5000 free and clear. And, it felt so natural and satisfying to receive it. Why does an abundance of money show up in my life with ease??? Experiencing abundance is absolutely wonderfull!!!! What else is possible? There are so many exciting rendezvous that have been happening in my life in a very short period of time. Why am I becoming better and better at allowing? How does it get better than that? Money is coming to me from everywhere big and small, it is like a door was opened and the natural abundance started pouring in and in and in and in………How fabulous is that?

I’ve always been blessed with abundance it just comes natural for me. The avalanche of abundance continues to flow easily into my life regardless of what I do. Why am I now rich beyond my wildest dreams?

I must tell you that its soo much fun having loads of money in my life to spend with joyful ease. I am experiencing life in a new and refreshing way, utter acceptance and acknowledgment that the Universe is taking care of me!! Why does the very best always come to me? What else is possible?

Why do I Love My Mailbox????

Dear Diary

Why is my mailbox always and only filled with good news daily??? Yes!! I am sooo enthusiastic about how easy it is for me to happily and joyfully collect my mail daily.  Wow!!! I do love my mailbox! I am always filled with happiness and excitement when opening my mail because it always always contains good news and good things. How wonderful is that??? For a long time, my habit has been to feel lighthearted, joyful and excited when retrieiving my mail.

My life feels soo easy and fun now!!!!  How does it get even better and better than that? Each day I go to my mailbox feeling really happy and excited absolutely looking forward to all the goodies that are waiting for me. And guess what?? Prosperity floods my mailbox and all areas of my life in all forms from envelopes with large wads of cash, large  amount cheques, free gifts, refunds, vouchers, bank credits etc etc I love it!!! What else is possible?

Fit Feels Good & Grateful for Green!

You know what I love the most right now?  I love that I’m feeling healthier, more vibrant, more alive, more physically AND energetically FIT than ever before in my life!  (Is it possible that I’m youthing?!  I believe so!)

I love how my body is responding to me in such a loving, supportive way.  She hears my gratitude and feels my deep love for her…that must be why.

Exercising is FUN.  I know that my body needs me to participate in keeping her healthy.  I enjoy being there for her.

Walking in Green with Gratitude

Walking in Green with Gratitude

Walking in nature is my absolute favorite way to give my body the exercise she deserves.  It nourishes my soul at the very same time.

I love how the color GREEN activates me…nurtures me…feeds me.  Give me GREEN!!  (I’m chuckling inside right now, because I’m mostly meaning green as in trees, plants, foliage…and green as in veggies…but as I typed it the image that flew across the movie screen of my mind’s eye was of MONEY…big GREEN CASH abundantly surrounding me!!!  How cool is that?!)  Yes.  Give me GREEN.  Green, fresh veggies.  Greenery.  Green Dinero.  Green.

WOW!!  Somehow exercising and being fit brings me more abundance!  Very cool.  Just by me loving myself enough to take good care…I am supported with abundance and prosperity.  OF COURSE I AM.

I also LOVE jumping.  Jumping for JOY on my trampoline.  Every jump is reminds me of leaps in life that feel oh so goood.  Inspired Jumping!  Hehehe.

Being FIT feels so darn good.  I feel strong, unstoppable…super charged super woman!!

Miracles DO happen

janetteI blogged here about the fabulous clearing work I’ve done recently, around my relationship with money, and today I had wonderful proof that it’s working.

Over the weekend my lovely mum-in-law was rushed into surgery and we had to get my hubby across the continent at short notice. This put a crimp in our finances and I’ve spent the last 48 hours making a string of conscious decisions to up my money vibe, to have faith, to keep focussing on the fact that money will come in, even if I don’t know how. I confess it’s been harder than usual, and last night I had one of those “okay Universe, I’ve done all this work so if you want me on board with this LOA stuff, you better start showing up with the goods!” moments.

It’s payday tomorrow, so this morning I treated myself to brekkie at my fave cafe, even though I didn’t have wads of cash. I decided to live as if I had abundance right now.  (Yummy eggs benedict BTW, and the second-best coffee in town – the best coffee place doesn’t do food!). Got home feeling positive and knowing that I’d sorted out a few things like leave from work for my hubby, and now I could relax and wait for news from over west.

As I walked through the door, I heard the answering machine beep and thought perhaps there had been developments with hubby’s mum. But when I listened to the message, it was my dad calling to see how things were going. And to say not to worry about any difficulty paying for me to go visit hubby’s family, because he had just sent me a cheque to help out.

I can tell you now, I bawled my eyes out (and it still has me getting a bit soggy, writing about it). I didn’t even need to ask for the money, it’s just on its way. How is THAT for the Universe coming up trumps? I’m so grateful, I don’t know where to begin!!

I’m grateful to the Universe (of course) and to each and every one of the wonderful people I know throughout the world who so generously share their expertise and their experiences with LOA, and who inspire me. 

You know who you are…  xx

I made a huge decision today!

O boy, this is kind of hard to say. I hired a bookkeeper today!. I cannot keep track of all the sources of revenue that are coming in. I have this thing with numbers. I do not like paying too much attention to the details of counting them but I do like the deposits in my account. It felt weird giving up control of my money like that but I know she is a great book keeper.

Let me give you some back ground information.

When I was writing my book on the Inner Genius, I received what I call supernatural downloads. They were awesome. The stuff came together in a way that I never could have imagined so I know it was not all me. I know it was from supernatural downloads and when I finally finished the book, I really felt pleased and secretly proud.

Well, just last month, Wayne Dyer and I did a recording for public TV where he asks me questions about my book and we exchanged ideas. Well, this gave me so exposure and now, people are buying my book from my site, online, from amazon, ebay, Barnes and Noble and Books a million and a slew of other places.

And people are demanding my coaching programs. So here I am having to scramble to put a class together.

You know, it is a totally different feel from my first class. Now I can pay an assistant to put it togther whereas when I did my first class, I had to do it all myself.  Gosh, I feel so wonderful that I have found the perfect support system to help me with the coaching process and the book process and my book keeper is all part of the wonderful support.

I love how she prepares these little reports that show you all the income and expenses and taxes and all that good stuff.

Now, I feel like a grown up.

I have someone else counting my money and telling me all about it.

Phew! It feels good.


P.S. The really great thing is how much choice and freedom the money brings!

I am so grateful!

I am in deep appreciation of my amazing wonderful life.  I have 2 gorgeous daughters and a wonderful husband and our businesses: Conscious Arcade, Ultimate Arcade, Twisted Treasure, and UIStudios are so abundant and peaceful.  We are doing what we love, we have the freedom that we desire to be a family and travel and we are all healthy and extremely happy.  We are living in a dream home that is safe and cozy and having such a great time.  We are no longer focused on lack and/or debt.  We have paid off all our debt and have learned to spend our abundance consciously.  We are no longer feeling like victims and telling our story as it is.

We feel independent and strong and have learned so many valuable lessons.  We are taking care of ourselves, practicing meditation and yoga and eating healthy.  Everyday we are in gratitude, staying positive, and when we aren’t feeling positive or we feel fearful, we remind ourselves of all that is a blessing and all that we have learned.  We react to challenges of life with peace and happiness.  We are working on helping others to learn everyting we have read and helped them to see what life is really about by creating online video games that help to change people’s vibrations and educate them on spirituality, appreciation, gratitude, Chakras, energy healing, Law of Attraction, and abundance!  Soon, I will begin working on our Non-Profit foundation as well, Help Change a Life!  Our lives are AMAZING!  The better it gets, the BETTER IT GETS!!!!

Abundance is pouring in!

….  like bees to honey, like magnets to the North Pole. And all I did to attract this abundance was just BE ME 🙂Coach T.I.A - Coaching You to Take Inspired Action!

I meet people at bus-stops, at the beach, at BBQ’s, everywhere I go, and have wonderful conversations about LOA, inspired action, being happy now etc.

They call me the Happiness Queen, the happiest person they know 😀 My aura and energy draws my perfect clients to me. I love it! It’s as easy as breathing to me.

My articles and blog posts are so inspiring that other bloggers regularly link to my posts, copy them into different languages, use them in E-books, forward them to friends (giving me full credit) and excitedly sign up for my Ezine so they can get MORE of me.

Naturally, people all over the world know me as an expert Inspired Action and LOA coach and love to talk about me all the time. Gosh, they love me and I love them.

Being a part of and winning Best Coaching Blog of 2009 contest has been phenomenal for increasing my readership, popularity and client base. More people now know of me and my website gets over 500 unique visitors daily. Numbers keep increasing every month and I’m making a real +ve difference in their lives. What a great feeling.

I’m too blessed to be stressed about anything! Love is all around me, I’m in delicious love, have an amazing social life, 10 perfect one on one clients, work 15 hours a week, earn $5000 month and am enjoying the best summer I’ve had in years..

Oooh this is summin else people, I’m telling you 😀 SUMMIN’ ELSE indeed!! And the best part? It’s just GETTING STARTED..

Loving my life and freedom…

I’m so excited that my website is making enough money that I can choose whether or not I want to leave my full-time job.  I am easily making $4,000/month from product sales and affiliate sales on my site.  It feels so good and I feel so free!

My ebook came together so perfectly and was so easy to complete, and people kept emailing me and asking me when it would be ready!  When I did finally release it, I made several thousand dollars of sales the very first day and took a nice, relaxing two-week trip to Paris and stayed in my favorite hotel on the Place des Vosges.  It was so relaxing and amazing!!  I always knew I would be able to afford staying in this hotel, and I think the next time I go back to Paris I’ll stay at the Ritz where Princess Diana used to stay.

My on-line courses about how to create your ideal life have been even more successful than I ever would have imagined, and I’m so glad it was so easy to put them together on-line.  If I had known it was this easy, I would have created them a long time ago!  People tell me that not only is the content in the courses very informative and just what they needed to hear, but also the visuals and graphics are really inspiring and uplifting.  I have attracted a true following on-line, and I know without a doubt that I am living on-purpose.

I am loving my life, loving my freedom, and can’t wait to see what I am inspired to create next!!  Woo hoo!  🙂

The Inner Genius Masterpeice

I love my first written product for sale. I am in awe of this product. It came together so easily. I finally got a full picture in my head and it came together easily.

It reads so well. I enjoyed formatting it and laying it out. The title came to me via inspiration. The cover work is gorgeous and boy, I am so proud of myself.

I love how I dug deep into my heart, my creativity and my brain to pull all this together.

I really love the simple principles and how they weave together.

I am so grateful that the responses I am getting are positively awesome.

Those that reviewed it loved it and saw the big picture and gave me easy suggestions that I could easily factor in.

In a snap, it was all done.

First of all, it was priced right. It sold like hotcakes from the very first day that I sold it.

Second, it is an amazing read. The reports from readers say it immediately brought them relief and raised their vibration.

They said it finally put the peices of a lot of information that they know together and it made sense.

They love what I wrote and they want more. They are already asking for my next product.

In addition, so many people are asking me to teach a class and so the class naturally falls into place.

I love that I can hold a tangible product in my hand and know that it really made the difference to someone else.

I am grateful for the experience I have had writing and putting together this product.

I am already looking forward to my next product.

A very nice aside was I did not know it was so easy to make a ton of money just from doing what I love.

I love my life as a coach. I love what I am doing.

I am so happy with myself. This is pretty amazing.

What is so cool is that I am over the whole issue of creating a product and now it feels so easy. I have already started to work on my next product. I love how I have become a lean mean product making machine, and everything I write is fresh and different and authentic.

I love empowering others to want what they want and value who they are and manifest miracles in each and every area of their lives. Yes, you can have it all!