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the universe has favored me

I woke up this morning and had an epiphany I am a wonderfully manifesting, successful, health, beautiful woman with an amazing loving attentive handsome husband and four wonderfully talented kids who amaze me with there intelligence every time I turn around we have a great connection and a loving family bond we all recently bought our dream 5 bedroom 4 bathroom 2,700 square foot home on 1 acre of land with a backyard retreat and  spectacular cascading swimming pool, the kitchen oh my lord amazing, i finally chose a location to set up business and i have all the décor and equipment together and my online sales for my other business are through the roof we have created a lavish and luxurious life and i am truly blessed, ready and open to the great things the universe has provided for me and will continue to provide.

I increase the vibration of my energy to extend out  to you all manifesting your dreams and desires so that your vibe may increase and get stronger to open you up to achieve your dreams. a group energy is a powerful energy please extend it back fellow creators.

Thank you Universe for the blessings and…

Thank you Universe for the blessings and being so good to me. The past few days have been lovely. I’ve felt content and at peace in my little bubble, as my aunt calls it. Spending time with my husband and our boy at home, cuddling, singing, cooking, acting silly, etc. My phone has been off and I welcomed the silence, a break from the intrusion of the outside world. My mother stopped by yesterday for a little bit to see the babe and shower him with kisses. She was on her way to work. Since my win, her worries….financial anyway, are few. She mentioned not working but so far she’s still going. I know she plans on redoing the kitchen at least. My aunt also dropped by. She “scolded” me for hibernating, for being too comfortable inside the bubble with my little family. I smirked and shrugged. We went out for Dunkin Donuts. We could have taken the 2014 ford focus st. Cute sporty little thing that I knew she’d like. Couldn’t convince her to get a different color though. Red as usual. I felt like walking. I bundled up my little lamb and we walked. Hubby had left already for the store, he planned on making dinner. His flu seemed to have flown. I looked out for some theraflu for him anyways. No luck. Gotta keep it in the front of my mind/heart to express my love, appreciation, support and gratitude for him/to him. He accepts my little quirks although I know they bug him. He’s been in the house with us for several days, and not just because he was sick. This says alot since hubby is very much a social butterfly and appears to need lots of stimulation, sights, sounds, movement. It tends to drive him bananas being cooped up for too long but here he was at home and I was content. Also grateful that the Universe has provided financial abundance to an amazingly awesome degree. This goes beyond simply being able to afford the cars, condos, houses, trips, etc for myself and family but appreciative of the time with each other the freedom of money allows us to have. Aunty and I hit the elevator and travel down to the lobby. We pass the security personnel and I speak briefly to them. Usually I head left for the garage. Eager to step inside my Souped up mustang, push the start and hit the gas. Feeling invincible and unstoppable within its jet black interior but my vibe is more subdued so I go with it. One foot in front of the other, off to the store. Today, I just feel like Tee. Hair done but in a cute ponytail, pedicure, manicure, fitted jogging suit to show off some of the work I’ve done at the gym.

Aunty prattles on about my hiding again. Not letting the world in or more importantly not seeing the world. Not seeming to fully enjoy what I’ve been blessed with. I am enjoying it, I’m still getting use to it. Skeptical of a few things/people because of my new fortune. Moving slowly, taking it in. I am happy.

Today is the type of day that I love. It…

Today is the type of day that I love. It’s almost perfect. I’m sitting in our den with the fireplace on but with the flames on the low side. Enjoying a cup of tea, playing music on my Ipod while watching our son sleep cozily nearby in his pack and play. Our son is beautiful, blessed and healthy. We love him so much. My husband is in the living room with the flu unfortunately. Dozing off and on, surrounded by fluffy comforters, stretched out on our 12 piece black leather sectional. If it weren’t for the occasional rise and fall of the blankets or a sniffle or 2, I wouldn’t know he was there. Baseball game broadcasting loudly from the 82 inch plasma TV. Even though its been months since its been purchased, I still feel weird about having a TV that large but I’m happy. We’re happy. I tell Mr. Man to go upstairs to the bedroom where he might be more comfortable, where he can stretch out on the King Sized bed. Of course he says No, he’s ok where he is. I think he likes being downstairs with his family near. He also enjoys being near the kitchen where he can rummage for snack after snack. What a difference a win makes! I am grateful for the weight that has been lifted. Now I can stay home with our son. Mr. Man doesn’t have to ever worry about working but I know that he still will. I’ll still put in some work with Chris because it provides me with a challenge. I love the high rise that we live in, I love the views overlooking the city. I love that we have around-the-clock security, I love that we have our own floor as well. So much gratitude, appreciation and love! My son coos sleepily from his pack and play. I stare at him again in love and wonderment. Love the little guy. I love the big guy too. I cuddle with my hubby so that he doesn’t feel left out. His body temperature is hot but he welcomes the attention even in his half asleep state. We wrap arms and legs around each other for a few minutes before we let each other go. No need for both of us to be sick. I head to the kitchen in search of theraflu.

I’m still trying to get the hang of all of the cabinets, nooks and crannies of the kitchen and its layout. Always wanted a beautiful kitchen which would inspire me to cook, but right now I’ll settle for just being able to find what I’m looking for. I hear a subtle noise and realize that its drizzling outside.

I watch the raindrops as I set up the coffee/tea machine to get the hot water going for my hubby’s drink. I think on how so many things have changed over the past few weeks. Winning this insane amount of money, marrying my high school sweetheart, and us loving each other and enjoying the good life! more to come <3

Our perfect house

Oh my goodness, I’m so happy! My husband and I just bought our first house! I’m grateful we now own our own home. Me, my daughter and my husband are all so excited. Our dogs will be excited too when they see our backyard for them to run around in.

It’s a 4 bedroom house: Master bedroom for my husband and I, junior suite for my daughter, an office room and the guest suite. The kitchen is big and has lots of cupboard space. There is hardwood throughout the whole house.

Downstairs we have our man cave/living room area. It’s great for entertaining. Our bar has marble counter tops, and the coziest bar stools. There’s also a huge leather couch and two “royal looking” chairs for people to relax in. This downstairs space is open concept and shared with our theater. You watch the screen sitting on a black leather La-Z-Boy chair, which we have 12: three rows of four. You can watch anything: movies, T.V., On Demand, Pay-Per-View, you can even play X-Box on it and the surround sound is like your actually there! My husband has all of his sports and celebrity autographs displayed in a really unique way.

The backyard is huge! There is an in-ground pool with with a gorgeous waterfall that cascades into the pool. The gardens are blossoming bright with purple, red and yellow tulips and tall sunflowers shining throughout the backyard. The patio area is quite spacious. You can fit at least 20 people. There’s so much room for Merlin and Guinevere, our two English bulldogs, to run around safely away from the pool.

Greatest example of God’s intended marriage

I awoke this morning to a good morning kiss from my husband D before he went on his way to work. He is finally settled into his career in IT and loves it. He worked from home yesterday so we were able to spend some quality time together while the kids were at school. We have come a long way from where we started in the first 18 months of our marriage. But now we are truly living our marriage as one in the way God intended. We pray and read the Bible daily and live in a way that is pleasing to God. We have lost some people along the way because of the changes we have made but we both know it was for our good.

After D left this morning I got up and fixed breakfast for the kids and took them to school. I came back home and went straight to my office. I am so happy that I finally started my own business and can work from home everyday. My office is in a secluded part of the house so that I can work quietly even when the kids are running around playing. My husband is my biggest supporter. He takes an interest in what I am doing and even helps out often when he is off.

Our marriage has grown considerably. We have zero trust or communication problems because we both consider each other before we do anything. We discuss everything, pray about it, then come to a mutually agreeable decision. We haven’t raised our voices in an argument in a long time. We are truly one in every way.

Today me and my ex s had a clnversation …

Today me and my ex s had a clnversation and this is what he told me . He told me tha This weekend he has done a lot of soul searching, and tonight came to the conclusion that he no longer want us to reunite

i was sooooo happy, to hear that.but he told that he would like us to cont as friends and he will appreciate the time we spend together, and he will be happy that i am happy. And he told he is not merely saying that, he is happy.when i told himhow excited i was about finding my wedding dress and marrying my ideal partner he told he want me to be as happy as i am today as much as possible, and if he’s (ideal) the one producing that happiness, then he is happy we met and are together.

I awoke this morning with a clear mind, …

I awoke this morning with a clear mind, a full heart and the energy of an 18 year old! I ran a mile, energized my soul with yoga and grabbed the day! I own my life! I feel wonderful about my career. I am training in a corporation that I stand behind. I am getting paid very well for my time and energy and I love my students. Going to work is like breathing for me. My body is completely healed and feels wonderful. I love having no pain in my body and being able to do all the things a working mom/wife can do and more. My relationship with Stephen grows stronger everyday and we are able to take weekend getaways, sometimes with A and sometimes without any kids. We are living in our dream house and made it beautiful. My life is so terrific and I am grateful for all the riches in it. thank you THANK YOU Thank you!!!!!

My dream has come true. I am finally wor…

My dream has come true. I am finally working and knowing what I want to do with the rest of my life and I am making great money too! I have plenty of time for my kids and Stephen and I have so much time together. We travel all over the world with our kids. I am so grateful that this job came my way. Every day I feel proud of what I do. It has meaning and joy like I have never found in my life. I have a new feeling of purpose and I have been able to pay off all of my debt!!! It feels like a miracle every day. Every breathe, every step every student taught I give thanks for the love I have in my heart. I am happy and successful. I am full of energy and healed. I feel grateful for all that I have and worked for. Working is as easy as breathing. Taking care of my children is a joy, and loving my husband is wonderful. I love to see Stephen play with our children out in the yard and by the ocean. We have a beautiful life. I am grateful. I am grateful. I am grateful. Thank you. thank you. Thank you!

Today is a beautiful brand new day! I am…

Today is a beautiful brand new day! I am alive with the wind blowing in my face and feeling so wonderful! I am healed. I am whole. I have no pain. My body moves easily throughout my day with ease as I care for the kids and take care of my home. I am working at my dream job and making excellent money. Every day I give thanks for the wonderful life I live. My children are happy and so successful in school. My husband is happy and making his dream come true of turning over houses and making money and people happy with the work that he is doing. I can run a mile now with ease and do yoga for an hour everyday. My body is perfect and complete. I don’t take any medication to feel painfree, I am painfree. I am heathy. I am healed. I am well and I love my body. I Love my life!

S has seenand experienced how bold and s…

S has seenand experienced how bold and smart i have become and he really understood he has no place in my life he is right i am reponsible for my happiness. I am taking care of myself i am having fun in my life. I hardly think about him.after i come from school i rest for a little bit. Then me and g goes to park where we spend half hr. Then after cming back i spnd more time with g. After that i prepare dinner and once we had our dinner the rest of the time is absolutely for myself to listen to music and dance or read a book or talk to a friend or watch a movie or anything that just gives me joy.

I am enjoying each and every moment of l…

I am enjoying each and every moment of life. I am having so much fun in my life. Everyday i take g to park we spend 1/2 hr their playing. In home also we have lot of fun. I even talk to mist almost every day. Over the last couple of weeks we have go close to each others heart. I am having two child one of them i bore in my womb and the other one in my heart so both are having a special place in my life

I am enjoying each and every moment of l…

I am enjoying each and every moment of life. I am having so much fun in my life. Everyday i take g to park we spend 1/2 hr their playing. In home also we have lot of fun. I even talk to mist almost every day. Over the last couple of weeks we have go close to each others heart. I am having two child one of them i bore in my womb and the other one in my heart so both are having a special place in my life


I Wake every morning feeling so healthy! I have excitment coursing through my veins the second I spring awake. My body feels so capable and energetic! I can handle any task physically with ease. Every breath I take feeds my soul and powers my movements. I have healed completely and am without any medication. Everyday is a gift that I use to the best of my abilities. Doing yoga feels so great and makes me feel centered and happy. I am grateful for each moment that comes and my kids are easy to keep up with. I love and enjoy every moment in my life. I have the ability to concentrate on all things given to me and am able to take on all different responsibilities. I am loving my life and have been given such a wonderful life! thank you! THANK YOU!

I am in full acceptance of my world. I h…

I am in full acceptance of my world. I have love and peacefulness, the wonderful feeling of accomplishment and we are prosperous. there is enough time in my day to take care of everyone’s needs and even time left over for each individual child. My body feels strong and capable. I gaze at the curves and muscles in my legs and arms. My body is free from pain and healed. There is a feeling of excitement that runs through my veins all the time. I am able to handle everything that comes my way. I am grateful for all of the joys and richness that my life is. I love my body. I love my body. I love how it works for me to gracefully and easily accomplish my everyday duties as a mom and also wife. My husband loves my body. We celebrate my health often


The spirit in my body is electric! The feeling of wellness and health is palable. I have so much energy and light inside me. getting up in the morning is so easy and envirgorating. My body is completely healed and I am pain free! the feelings of love, joy and gratitude take me through my day. Every foot step, every hand gesture is easy and livley. My body feels better than it ever has and I have only goodness radiating out of me. I no longer need medication to move and I am so gratful for that. My whole body is in synch with my world around me. Everywhere I look I am filled with joy. My children are happy and well adjusted. I am the mother I always knew I could be. I am no longer held back by my health and am fulfilling all my dreams. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! thank you for filling me with such light.

Grateful for health!

I Love waking up every morning and feeling so energetic! There is no pain or discomformt in my body and I feel wonderful! I do all of my yoga before the sun rises and breath in and feel life inside me and gratitude for how I feel. My body is no longer in pain, I am not using any medication to live, my body is fully healed and feels better than ever. I haven’t felt this great in my whole life!

My sailboat is finally in the water

Well I’ve taken up sailing like I always planned to. And my first sailboat is a beaut! I don’t know how in the world to work all the knobs and things yet but I’m happy I’m trying. I couldn’t have found a more beautiful city to sail around in my free time. Chicago is the best city in the world! I would like to thank myself for never giving up on one day making time, and doing what I’ve always dreamed. Thanks Sam, you are an awesome guy!

Mist is with me and g and all 3 of us ar…

Mist is with me and g and all 3 of us are having lots of fun. After having our breakfast 3 of us played snake and ladder, ludo, bingo and memory board games. After that we switched on the music and danced. We also played pretend tea party. Right now it is raining and all 3 of us are dancing in the rain. The children are wearing their rain gears so they are safe. I am making and teaching the children how to make paper boats soon we will set our boats. It is sooooooo much fun. I am feeling joyful, and incredibly happy

Mist is with me and g and all 3 of us ar…

Mist is with me and g and all 3 of us are having lots of fun. After having our breakfast 3 of us played snake and ladder, ludo, bingo and memory board games. After that we switched on the music and danced. We also played pretend tea party. Right now it is raining and all 3 of us are dancing in the rain. The children are wearing their rain gears so they are safe. I am making and teaching the children how to make paper boats soon we will set our boats. It is sooooooo much fun. I am feeling joyful, and incredibly happy

All four of us had a very nice time yest…

All four of us had a very nice time yesterday. First we went for the movie. The show was at 11. We reached there 10 minutes before so g got enf time to get settled. The movie had lots of good songs and it was a sports based movie. So both kids had smthing they like. Mists father made sure all 3 of us are comfortable and enjoying the movie. He interacted with the kids. After the movie we went to the kids club. There both children had a blast. While both children were enjoying the rides me and him sat and shared a lot of insights on various topics. It was not tha we both shared the same opinion on every we had our own differences, but both of us are matured enough to see them as just a subject of debate and understand that everyone has the right to express their opinion without hurting anyone. We both felt a bit close to soul. We had many things in common, like we both like to help people in need. We both loved children, we both like to settle in a calm,friendly, neighbourhood with a view of mountains and creeks in our backyard. In between mist came and asked whther she can come and stay with me and gokul, he asked me whther it is okay since he has an imp meeting and mist will be alone also since monday is a holiday we dont have to worry and he can pick her up on monday evening. Once the children finished all the rides we went to the restaurant and had both veg and nonveg. He shared with me as a child he was a pure vegetarian, but after he began his business career he had to make a change in his diet. By the time we finished it was 8 pm since he had a meeting to attend and both children were a bit sleepy we decided to wind up. They dropped us home. Mist hugged me and gave me goodnight kiss before leaving.

Mistis father ringed me up today also. W…

Mistis father ringed me up today also. We talk for about two hours today. He talked to me in a friendly way. I understood one thing he has great respect for women. He loves children.. We both shared our likes and between i talked with mist. She is very excited about our saturday outing. We discussed about what we should wear, she told me about what she did in school. She told about rikie mam and many more. Again me and mists father talked. This time we talked about what we do in our free time. I told, i read books, watch tv or i surf net, but when i heard what he does i was surprised, he is a very busy business man who is travelling most of the time yet he finds time to volunteer in ngo s . He spents 25 % of his income monthly to a charity. I told him about my wish and how i am unable to do anything about it. He gave me a few contacts and promised he will take me there soon. We ended our chat by saying good night to each other.

Mists father ringed me up today and aske…

Mists father ringed me up today and asked whether i am free this saturday. He has got four tickets for a movie and mist and him would like to watch with me and g. I said yes and he said he and mist wil be here sat morning to pick us. I told him the good news that s himself has told about divorce. He is very happy and said saturday we are cleberating it.

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I am happy, healthy and wealthy, I am free to travel and help others as I see fit. Life is good and getting better by the second! I am living an abundent life!

An acquaintance told me how his wife got her job. Years and years ago, like about 16 years ago, she went on holiday in another country where she had some friends. She was staying at her friends’ condo and they had a great view overlooking the downtown area. She could see an enormous skyscraper from their window, it dominated the whole sky and it was all lit up with coloured lights. The skyscraper belonged to Company Z and you could see the logo of Company Z at the top of it, in fact it was called the Company Z Tower. She said to herself, wouldn’t it be so fancy to work in that tower for Company Z, I wish I could work for a company like Company Z, that has a skyscraper with coloured lights and all covered with glass windows all the way around it.

Well she returned home and carried on with life as usual. A year later she graduated and started looking for a job. She sent out CV’s all over the place and guess which company hired her? The local office of Company Z (an international firm with offices all over the world). Now she has been working for Company Z for 15 years, she’s deliriously happy with her job and loves it, and she works on the thirtieth floor of a skyscraper with coloured lights and all covered with glass windows all around it, with a view from her office that takes your breath away.

Hello everyone. Neat blog! A few years ago I was in an unhappy relationship with an abusive man and I couldn’t see any way out, I didn’t have a place to go to, no job, no money, no family to help me and two little kids. A while ago I was browsing through old letter drafts and I found one where I was telling all my friends how I FINALLY got away from X. I told my friends that I had been worrying for nothing, that I easily got custody of the kids, that the judge assigned the apartment to ME to live in with the kids so having a place to live didn’t turn out to be a problem, that I found work and all the great fun that I had been having with the kids ever since we left X. I told my friends about all the outings and excursions that I was taking the kids on. I even told them the dates, I told them that we got away from X in April. A really nice, upbeat but normal letter. I thought, oh that’s nice I wrote this letter but I forgot to send it.

THEN……….. I checked the date on the letter. I had written that letter in JANUARY of the same year that I left X! Four months before I actually succeeded in escaping from him. It was so accurate and spot-on, all the details were exactly the SAME as really happened later in real life, even right down to the dates! But after I had written that letter I stashed it away (I guess I had the intention of sending it to my friends when what I wrote in it came true), but then I forgot all about it. It was so accurate that I thought I had written it AFTER everything in it had already happened.

Something wonderful happened today. I me…

Something wonderful happened today. I met the little angel whom i met 3 months back. The amazing thing is she recognised me . She came and hugged me and said i love you mamma. Seeing these her father came and told sorry to me. I said that is okay. After which we both had a litle chat. From what he told me i came to know that misti’s biological mom passed away when she was about 5. Mist still does not know about that and belives that mom had gone somewhere to work on a project. Another thing which he told me was that misti’s mom resembeled me. He showed me her photo. Yes he is right. She looked very much like me. I dont know how this is possible. We both talked for half an hour. In the meantime i fed mist icecream. She sat on my lap. Her father sat on the other end looking at how wel me and misti and bonding with each other. All these time he also sat with gok and gave him company. He watched him when he was on escalator. I was amazed to see how wel he interacts with gok. He told that he had voluntered in a school for children with aut. That is how he came to know about many things. All 4 of us had an incredible time

Loved loved LOVED how perfectly it all w…

Loved loved LOVED how perfectly it all worked out! I’ve known to trust Universe, and I know Universe delivers, but this one in particular really amazed me at its sheer perfection. Universe, HATS OFF!! You ROCK! Thank you for the easy resolution, thank you for your creative solutions, thank you for the good times, thank you for making it even better than it was before. Life is good! 🙂

I am ecstatic. i have everything I could…

I am ecstatic. i have everything I could have ever wanted or dreamed of. A man that provides for me in every which way and without hesitation, regret or judgment – but with pure pleasure. My material needs are astoundingly met and surpass everything I could ever dream. I take care of my family at my leisure and am able to help sisters live more comfortably. My debt has vanished as if it never existed. I travel to incredible destinations and am always afforded every luxury. I am still able to maintain my freedom with ease and my sponsor thinks the world of me, to know end. Opportunities and happiness never cease to arrive.

My blog takes off in a way it never has …

My blog takes off in a way it never has before. I am writing consistently and happily. My voice is clear, concise, witty, poignant, charming and downright addicting. Readers are kind and many times debate on my views and even if they don’t agree, can’t stay away from my words. I am thrilled. I am offered writing positions from Zandile Blay, Paper Magazine and Vice Magazine. My writings on new york, fashion, food, music and TV quickly catapault me into fame, opportunity and long lived prosperity.


I am greatful that now everyday i am having two kids for intervention. Also the intervention fees is increased and since my salary is 18000 i am leading a luxurious life. Also these days i am finding huge rebates on all my purchases. That way i am able to save a huge amount of money. With the money i am able to buy everything i want. I am rrally enjoying my newly bought 3G mobile phone. I have updated my wardrobe with 6 new dresses each ranging between 2000 to 5000. I have also bought a designer leather handbag and a new pair of nike shoes .

SO many good things happening .. I pract…

SO many good things happening .. I practically have to start a list to keep track of them all. Every where I turn – more good news, more fun, more love, more laughter, more good times! It was SO true what they said – it just gets better and better, and that the more you practice these feelings, the more natural and habitual they become. Some of the specifics – all the animals are healthy and have been for a long time! My vet misses me!! Omgosh, I have the CUTEST wardrobe! It is a JOY to get dressed every day to wear something fabulous. It is so ME! And I’m eating things I love, I’m working on projects that are fabulous, the money’s rolling in more than ever before (and I am SUCH a fan of big easy money, that I really enjoy that one!), my sweetie is sweeter than ever, we’re closer than we ever have been and I understand now the value of LONG term relationships. It really is just ridiculously good!! LIFE IS GOOD!! 🙂

I am absolutely retired. I am able to wo…

I am absolutely retired. I am able to work from home and homeschool my children. I live in a house big enough to house my entire family for the holidays. My family can pick up and leave any time we want without worries of money or time. We do not have any debt and have more than enough money to share. We love giving to our local church and charities as well as putting our children through their specialized programs andsports. The best part is ..Im not longer in the Military! NO WORRIES

I am extremly happy. Just got back after…

I am extremly happy. Just got back after the picnic with kids in the orphanage. Myself,g, mist.and her father went for the picnic. We all had a wonderful time playing games, hiking, canoeing and enjoying delecious food. Mists father really enjoyed the picnic. He told the best part of the picnic is that he really loved seeing smile on those little ones face when mist and g were giving them gifts


G is improving in all skill areas. His verbal communication has improved tremendously. He has about 25 items for verbal manding and 15 words on verbal tact. He has started to brush teeth indipendently and today he took bath with very little help from me. He is getting good with sight readin. He has also learnt counting from 1 to 100 and can identify all letters from A to Z. His communication is improving with each day. He can sit and work by himself for about 10 minutes. He is also learning many new skills in prevocational. He has masterd many of the goals as per ablls and continuing to master the rest. I feel very happy and relaxed. The most happy thing is his improvement in social skills. Now i can take him any where. It is wonderful to see how well he communicates his needs on such occasions. Really thankful to all his therapists and most importantly to the universe.


Finally i am granted divorce. Now i can open myself and be ready to embrasse my new and improved and better life. I can go forth with my life purpose. My parents and brothers and sis in laws are very happy for me. They are saying that they have full confidence in me that i will be successful in life, but for me i am already leading a successful life. It really feels great to take the fresh breath of freedom. The therapist who was my counselor after listening to me told that she has totally become my fan and wished me the very best. I am very happy for every thing. I am greatful for this divorce.

My life partner

My husband who came to my life after my divorce with s and at a time when i was enjoying a wonderful time with myself, coming to know the real me, what is my life purpose and i was ready for a new reationship. I was sure about what kind of person i want to spend my life with. The most important quality that i was looking at that time was that he must be filled with positive vibe. And he must father my son just as his own ready to adopt him and my son would become the 25% rightful owner of his(my partners)asset. Other qualities inclue he must be fun, loving, caring, compassionate, loyal, friendly, supportive, healthy, romantic, indipendent. And now when i am spending my days with him i am sure he is more than what i ever hoped for. He is so strong that nothing can disturb his peace of mind. He makes everyone realize how worthy they are. He always looks at the sunny side of everthing. A very optimistic person who only thinks and works and expects for the best. He always wears a cheerful expression and gives a smile to every living creature that he meets.. He always says that i am more than everything that he had hoped for in a wife. His business is very successful. He loves us ; his family soo much that he says we are his back bone. His bonding with G is marvelous. He loves for both g and Mist is pure. My partner and i are totally, completly and absolutely in love with each other. This feels fabulous. I deserve the loving relationship that i am enjoying right now. I am very greatful for this.

I am abundant

Wow i am on the top of the world right now. I have got a raise of six thousand Rupees in my salary. Now my salary is 18000. Not only that i have started getting at least two kids every day for intervention. From my interventions also i am getting a huge amount of money every month. I am also starting to recieve money from unexpected sources. My savings account these days is having a high balance. With the money i can afford anything i want and the best part is i am completely financially indipendent. Since everyday i am consuming nutritious food and exercising regularly my health is at its best. Every cell and organ in my body is functioning optimally. I feel truly blessed with the steady flow of abundance to my life. I am really worth for all these. I am a good money manager. I always make use of the money and health for the betterment of this world in where i live. Thank you divine lite.

Just got word that my new property manag…

Just got word that my new property manager (whom I ADORE!) found the perfect tenants for the Rose Park house! I am SO thrilled they found someone so appreciative of being there and animal lovers, too! Very cool to be able to make a rental available that WELCOMES dogs and cats! 🙂 And they are HAPPY to keep feeding the birds and the neighborhood cat that’s been hanging around. Life is good!

New Job

I am so thrilled that we heard back about my husband’s job that he interviewed for last week. We are happy and excited about all the changes and ready to get started. I know that our move is going to go smoothly and we’re going to be able to get the perfect house as well.

Happy Family

I cannot believe that it’s been three months now since we’ve all been together again. We have a wonderful new house, a new dog, and everything is working out great.

My husband got a wonderful new job closer to home. He’s within ten minutes of work so we’ve really been saving on gas. And he got a great salary, making more than he made at his previous jbo, and he has health benefits as well. He’s learning new things ever day and he’s really enjoying his job.

I have build my website and the traffic is growing day by day. I am also working on two books and I just had a wonderful idea for a series of short stories, so I have them on the calendar to start writing as well. My first short story that sold has been doing well in the anthology and it’s gotten very good reviews. The publisher enjoyed it so much that they have actually asked me to submit my new works to them as well to see about a publishing deal . I have a lot of projects going on but I am busy and I love it. I should be able to quit my full time job in about three years just to writ and earn an income from my website.

The best part is that our son is happiest of all. He has a great new job, he passed his GED, he just turned 18, and he has a beautiful girlfriend. She is very nice and sweet. She cares about him a lot. They share a lot of the same interests and she and I have been discussing our favorite books as well. They’ve only been dating for a little while, but he is very happy. He’s making plans to move out by the end of the year, and while that makes me sad, I am glad for him. But he’s also planning to start going to the community college as well, so that is a wonderful change of plans and I am thrilled he’s continuing his education.

I am so glad that we finally have time to be together as a family. No more working on weekends or late at night. We can eat dinner together, play games and watch movies. I have more alone time with my husband and our son is thrilled to have his girlfriend and his friends over at our house to play video games or just hang out. How did my life get to be this wonderful and magical?

I am abundance!

I am so grateful. I have closed $20,000 worth of sales this week and have 3 more people waiting for me to close them next week. My goal of $20,000 income per month is already here and I am blessed ! thank you! I have a wonderful family, a big house for the new baby in my life and all the baby necessities that I desire. I have wonderful transformation. to the christ within I am love, peace and Abundance!


I’m living the life I’ve always wanted for me. I am successful, happy, loved and loving. I attract wonderful people to my experience, and I am loved and loving my perfect kind of guy. Life is truly good.

I love my clients! Every week, I get to …

I love my clients! Every week, I get to work with people who are willing to question everything in their life to make powerful choices. I run bars on people who are transforming the world. It blows my mind! They recommend me to their friends and colleagues and now I even have a waiting list!!!
I also love the business clients I work with. They are all so dedicated to bringing more consciousness and awareness to their world! Woohoo!!!
My bars clients easily pay me $150 / session and even say they could pay more. They all come at least 4 times the first month and then once a month.
I love my life!

Another great day, the sun is shining, i…

Another great day, the sun is shining, it is feeling like Fall and I just finished paying all our bills for the month AND there’s still plenty of spending money left over, yeah!!! Just waiting on the UPS guy to deliver my new art supplies and I’ll spend the evening playing with my watercolors. All the orders for this week are done and ready to deliver and I’ll do that tomorrow, my last day off from my “real” job for awhile. Still have plenty of unpackin to do but it can wait until next week, right now I’m on a creative roll! I’m happy and self confident, life is good and it just keeps getting better!

Finally found some great furniture for o…

Finally found some great furniture for our new place, we’re going to go pick it up today. The new apartment may not have a yard outside but it is private, spacious and Jesse and I both agree that we love it here! We’re both off today, so after we pick up the furniture we’re going to get the few boxes that are left in storage and unpack them too. Miss Kitty loves her new home too, and is getting along with the new kitten better than I had thouht she would. Life is good and it keeps gettin better.

Getting ready for bed, back to my ‘real…

Getting ready for bed, back to my ‘real job’ tomorrow. Supervising has gotten much easier, now that I stand up for myself and more importantly I don’t take anything to heart. They try to push buttons but my buttons are unpushable. I’m free of all the drama and anxiety of worrying about what others think of me and what may go wrong. I am a string, confident, worker, artist and woman. I love myself and I am worth standing up for.

sitting here being thankful that I have …

sitting here being thankful that I have a good job, a good side income from my art and a great relationship. Very thankful that I no longer have to struggle to pay the bills or make it until the next paycheck. I’m not rich, but I’m living the life I always dreamed of and I’m comfortable and happy. I also value myself now and stand up for myself and beliefs. This is the life I always dreamed of and I will forever be thankful that I had a chance to live it.

All of life comes to me with Ease, Joy a…

All of life comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory!

I woke up this morning with a huge smile on my face. What a phenomenal life I am choosing for myself! How does it get any better than this? I have so much love and sexiness in my life! I have so much money and abundance, I have so much creativity and fun! I have so much beauty and learning! Wow!

What else is possible?

Good News

Spent the morning going around to the local craft shops and 2 of them are now displaying my greeting cards!! So excited and I’m planning on hitting all the craft shops in the next town Monday. Such a good feeling to know that I have finally started to make my dreams happen!

The Tax Man Loves Me

The Tax Man and I have had a love hate relationship over the years 🙂 Now that I have this fabulous thriving successful business, the Tax Man has changed his tune. He paid me a visit today with a large beautiful bouqet of 2-dozen roses and box of Sees Candy! He gave me a huge bear hug, kissed me on the forehead and wished me incredible success. He told me that he had the ultimate faith in my success. As he turned to leave, he left an envelope on my desk, tipped his hat and gave me a last wink. After, catching mybreath, I opened the envelope and there it was … a stack of hundred bills … cold hard cash 🙂

So the Tax Man loves me and now I love him 😉

Met the man of my dreams

I have met the man that I am going to spend the rest of my life with.  He is my sole mate and everything that I have desired and more.  I know in the core of my being that we are meant to be together.  He is funny, passionate, handsome, creative, loving, generous, adventursome, loves family and most of all loves me without a doubt.  I am a very happy and content woman.

Income ceiling disappears into thin air!

I have been playing and having fun with my clients every day since launching my new business. I have more clients joining my playground every week! I AM loving it. It’s so much fun to help them grow their business with admin support, product development, book doctoring and being their Creative Fairy Godmother. There is no end to the fun, laughter, inspiration and good times in my day! Like it! LOVE IT!

Here’s the best part. I looked at my bank balance this morning and yup, I doubled my income. I didn’t know how it happened so I looked back at my calendar. For the last few months, all I saw were play dates scheduled with my clients. Then I looked over the next couple of months and realized that the number of play dates increased by 50% and I AM on target to triple my income at the end of the next quarter!

I leaned back in my chair, looked up and guess what … there was no ceiling! It had vanished into thin air! WOOT WOOT!

What people are saying about me ;)

I just checked my inbox and there was an email from a woman named Susan who wanted to talk to me about my VA services. I didn’t know this person but the email didn’t look like spam so I opened it. Apparently, she heard about how wonderful I was from my super fabulous client Sony. I LOVE this kind of gossip!

When I finished replying to Susan, there was another new email in my box. This one was from a man named Ted. He was interested in hiring me to do some work with him for his business and heard about how fabulous I was from my other fantabulous client Candye!  Now, this email from Ted is making me do cartwheels on the inside. He wants to keep me on retainer for double my going rate!

I love where this is all going so go ahead and talk about me behind my back 🙂


Wow! Life is great! A view of my bank statement just brings me to joyful tears! I see expenses are kept low and my savings account looks pretty darn good! I always have multiple streams of income. My bank statement shows where my settlement check cleared the bank. I will thank the company tomorrow!

The love of my life is so sweet. He is open with his feelings and communicate them to me. We love and deserve each other. Our dates are intriguing, fun, and romantic. I love the way he stares deeply into my eyes and says, “I love you.”

I am also enjoying my newly-adopted puppy. We decided to name her Abbie (or Charm). She is sooo precious and healthy! I am enjoying her company and the family loves her!

Way to go :)

I am super duper excited! Today, I have a date with the man in my life! What a romantic lunch! I am so surprised he asked me out on the spur of the moment! Love is near! Also, I have to quickly make choices in regards to my many current job offers. All the jobs pay over $40k/yr. Wow! Everything is going so great!

Feeling great!


All is sooooo well today! I am happy and healthy. I am making wise choices regarding my diet and healthy lifestyle. I surround myself with positive people and happy thoughts. People like me and think highly of me.

My bank account is over-flowing. I attract money. I have several streams of steady income. I am love and positivity. I cherish myself. My life partner loves me.

Progress :)

I am so excited. I finally got the apartment looking just the way I want it. It took only a short period of time! The water-view from my bedroom looks amazing! I can hear the waves crash against the shore at night.

I am so glad that the parties in my settlement are highly cooperative! The lawyer says to expect the money in my account today! I am so excited!

Lunch was so fun today with my sweetheart!  He enjoys seeing me and continues to visit me at home and at work. He has great feelings about me and protects me. All is well with him and me.

Good news :)

I am so happy and grateful now that I have my settlement in my checking account. I only put into my checking account the amount I need to use. I put the rest in savings. All looks great financially! I also have 4 job interviews scheduled for September. Employers are eager to hire me and pay me $40,000 per year.

Sales continue to climb this month at CATS. Clients are just walking through the door paying for our services. Other clients are calling nationwide for services as well. We are making money hand-over-fist.

I deserve and now have ever-lasting TRUE love. I enjoy the feeling I now have due to seeing my “life partner” over lunch. Our relationship is headed toward serious commitment. My life partner mentions traveling together very soon. I am so happy to spend one-on-one time with him – quality time getting to know each other deeply. We are so HAPPY when we are together.


Work is good!

Sales are through the roof this month at Confident Accounting and Tax Service! My boss is VERY proud of me. This is a record-breaking month for sales. Clients continue to call the office in need of tax return preparation and the clients are more than eager to pay us. Referrals are also coming in because we do a great job! My reward is a bonus.

I am also very happy because my attorney says my settlement is final. The settlement check clears the bank today! Boy, I am happy with the amount! The money allows me to afford great things while I am job-searching. After I get my new job, I am happy to save the remainder.

Love is still in the air! I see my “life partner” today. I am happy to see him because I know he comes bearing great news! All is nice!!!

Everything is moving along so nicely! To…

Everything is moving along so nicely! Today, just gets better and better! My boss says she is recommending me for employee of the month. I easily take advantage of career advancements. My bank account is OVER-FLOWING with money. Individuals who have tax-related issues seek me out for my expertise. I maintain a stellar reputation.

I am decorating my new water-view apartment today too. I have more than enough money to buy furnishings. I am decorating with gold, teal, and fuchsia colors.

I am still feeling all the love from this morning! My “life partner” finally confesses he is in love with me and wants to move further in a relationship with me. I am so grateful for everything!

Super Duper Happy:) I feel so Blessed! I…

Super Duper Happy:)

I feel so Blessed! I love my new career as an accountant. My new job pays over $40,000 per year. My co-workers are soooo friendly and pleasant to be around! My boss gives me compliments on my ideas to launch new projects all the time!

I check my bank account regularly. Wow! I do a really great job at managing my income. I make over $40,000 per year with my new career and then an extra $20,000 per year as a self-employed tax preparer. Streams of income always find me.

Also, today brought about pure love 🙂 My “life partner” and I are discussing starting a committed relationship with each other. We are happy and deserve each others love ♥

This is too much fun to be called work!

I AM so loving working with my new clients.  Scratch that … I AM having so much fun playing with my new clients! I AM really connecting with them. I love how they are seeking me out, contacting me to create fabulous and fun working relationships. In fact, my perfect clients are banging down the door, getting in line to play with me! I love how the appreciation flows between me and my clients. It’s a pleasure to get up and make my “long” commute to my home office 🙂

How can it get any better than this???

it’s all perfect!

Everything I want is here today! I love feeling being so relaxed and chilled inside knowing I’ve started today feeling happy and having that tingling feeling inside because I am doing the job I love. Coaching people and helping others is so fun and I know working together with the business I want, I am now making this happen. Each day is fun and exciting and it feels good to know I AM impacting people’s lives! The money just keeps rolling in my bank account, infact my bank account is filling up so fast I am about to open up an other account so I can put all the extra income in there, I love this life.

These foster puppies are so much fun! Th…

These foster puppies are so much fun! Their mom is doing SUCH a great job with them, and she’s fitting in our pack really nicely. She even lets Sadie and Koda and Elvis play with her pups! (And is great with the neighbor kids, too!)

They’re growing fast, they’re fat and healthy and happy, they’re an absolute joy to have here. And their perfect new families are lining up beautifully to adopt them into their new places. i couldn’t be more pleased with how well this is all turning out! Seriously, these memories are going to last me a lifetime – how much fun we all had together; how much I enjoyed taking care of them and playing with them; how well they did here; and how rewarding it was to step up to help out with this pregnant pit bull mom. What a joy!

Money in the bank

I finally have exactly the right amount of money in the bank.  Not too much and not too little, but exactly the right amount!  I’ve paid my uni fees, I’ve paid for our holiday, I’ve got my car upto scratch and still have enough left over to be comfortable…….

It  is exactly what i needed – not too much and not too little.  Isnt sychronisicity a wonderful thing!

OMG, we just got the best house to rent …

OMG, we just got the best house to rent in Pasadena, in the school district we wanted. It has all the room we need, a great little yard, hardwood floors, dishwasher, washer dryer, great neighbors. The landlord is super sweet, loves our dog and just loved our story! Our realtor was amazing too! And we got the key the day before the truck got here, so no need for two moves!!!! How does it get any better than this?

I did it! I feel such *relief*! In what …

I did it! I feel such *relief*!

In what is no surprise to me but great welcome surprise to my mother, I did what I said I’d do, even though she couldn’t see any possible, realistic, logical way for that to happen.

Yet I did it! And I feel giddy!

An idea came to mind that seemed a little “out there.” I had nothing to lose, even if this proposal idea was turned down. So I went with it.

Contract in hand, I went to see Mr. B. I told him what I wanted and what I would happily do in return. He asked a lot of questions, I answered; we talked, he explored, I expounded, and in less than 15 minutes, the contract was signed, dated, and I headed back home.

I did it! And it was *so easy*!

Everyone is happy and getting what they want – talk about the best for all involved! Woo-hoo-Yay!

And I have to say
THANK YOU Virginia Satir!

5 Freedoms/5 sentences
No wonder my continued success offering massage 5 minutes/$5!

I love you – and I love this life!

oooh .. what nadyess said. Ditto that fo…

oooh .. what nadyess said. Ditto that for me! 🙂

I consistently do what feels good, because it feels good. No other reason. I no longer make choices out of fear or worry or doubt, but rather from trust and love and appreciation. I am an expert at listening to my physical body. I hear what she wants, and she gets it. It’s a priority. I live in a state of abundance and appreciation and am at peace with myself and my life. It is good to be me!

More and more clients!

After creating a few support packages for my first client to offer to her clients, my inbox has been overflowing with requests from people to work with me. Not only AM I doing traditional VA support for them but I AM also getting paid to write for them as a ghostwriter. I love how the Big U continues to knock my socks off!! Of course, it was no surprise to me that I quadrupled my income in just a few months!

I AM a 7-Figure Business Owner and Entrepreneur!

Amazing new house in Carson

We just signed a lease on the most amazing house in Carson City. It’s a quick drive to the school where Hubby works.  Of course my commute to work is only a few feet to my HOME OFFICE! The view from my office window is a mountain paradise! The house has a huge fenced in backyard for my baby Holly and our new puppy. I have decorated our home with such care and extra creativity that everyone who visits feels so welcome and at home. Even Hubby loves to come home after work and feels so rested and relaxed when at home. The kitchen is a chef’s dream and inspires me to create the most delicious and healthy meals! I love our new home! 


Wow! I’m a video editing pro! Who knew …

Wow! I’m a video editing pro! Who knew it could be so easy?! I look like I’ve been doing this all my life! I even have other people ask me if I’ll teach THEM! ha ha! What a pleasure it is to feel complete creative freedom in putting together new videos for my masters of creation circle and for the GVU youtube channel. This is COOL!!!!!