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Hello everyone. Neat blog! A few years ago I was in an unhappy relationship with an abusive man and I couldn’t see any way out, I didn’t have a place to go to, no job, no money, no family to help me and two little kids. A while ago I was browsing through old letter drafts and I found one where I was telling all my friends how I FINALLY got away from X. I told my friends that I had been worrying for nothing, that I easily got custody of the kids, that the judge assigned the apartment to ME to live in with the kids so having a place to live didn’t turn out to be a problem, that I found work and all the great fun that I had been having with the kids ever since we left X. I told my friends about all the outings and excursions that I was taking the kids on. I even told them the dates, I told them that we got away from X in April. A really nice, upbeat but normal letter. I thought, oh that’s nice I wrote this letter but I forgot to send it.

THEN……….. I checked the date on the letter. I had written that letter in JANUARY of the same year that I left X! Four months before I actually succeeded in escaping from him. It was so accurate and spot-on, all the details were exactly the SAME as really happened later in real life, even right down to the dates! But after I had written that letter I stashed it away (I guess I had the intention of sending it to my friends when what I wrote in it came true), but then I forgot all about it. It was so accurate that I thought I had written it AFTER everything in it had already happened.

Freedom is Fabulous!

This morning, I woke up in slinky pajamas.  The hotel sheets lingered on my body and I languished in the bed.  My lover turned over and cuddled up to me and sighed in blissful sleep.  I could feel the sun calling my name, so I crawled out of bed and stretched.  I stepped out on the veranda and basked in the beautiful French scenery.  I ordered croissants and fruit from room service (in French, mind you!) and returned back to my lounge chair with my laptop in tow.  Living in France for a few months has definitely inspired me to write!

My cell phone ran, and I answered to one of my big clients.  She wants me to setup a technical call with her Fortune 500 company.  Another easy sale!  I’m in such high demand, that I am able to pick and choose only the clients that are on my same wavelength.

After scanning my email, I check my websites.  Unique visits are sky rocketing and my creative products are selling like hot cakes!  The abundance which has flowed to me has enabled me to help other women around the world.  I am so honored to have been given this mission to free women’s hearts, minds, and lives by empowering them to live a passionate, abundant life!

I’m very grateful to live in a world where I am free to make my own choices.  I am free to work when I please and from anywhere in the world.  My children have traveled the world with me and are schooled in life experiences.  The biggest lessons they have learned are compassion and empathy.  I am so proud of them!


it’s all perfect!

Everything I want is here today! I love feeling being so relaxed and chilled inside knowing I’ve started today feeling happy and having that tingling feeling inside because I am doing the job I love. Coaching people and helping others is so fun and I know working together with the business I want, I am now making this happen. Each day is fun and exciting and it feels good to know I AM impacting people’s lives! The money just keeps rolling in my bank account, infact my bank account is filling up so fast I am about to open up an other account so I can put all the extra income in there, I love this life.

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Thank you Universe!

Thank you universe for all of the magnificent and truly amazing gifts that enrich my life from which i know i am loved and blessed!! All that enables me to experience and grow is an expression of the love the universe has for me and it is boundless……

I am surrounded by the light of this boundless love and through me it can shine in to the world and through it  i too become an expression of this perfect universe; pure, undiluted love. 

And my beautiful children who make me laugh and smile, that challenge me in ways before unknown, are part of that expression.  Watching them grow, listening to them speak, feeling as we become more than parent and child but friends bonded by a selfless love makes tears of joy spring to my eyes.  Can there be a more magnificent expression of the love the universe feels for me?

And my partner; my best friend; the one for whom I  searched and waited patiently for for such a long time…….He is my sun, moon and stars, a perfect mirror of my inner being we are connected more deeply than words can explain.

Thank you universe!  Love is too a small a word to express the emotion, the appreciation, the security, the peace I feel when I open myself up to you!   It is a connection that can be forgotten, but never broken.  You are there always lighting the way and guiding my steps, and although I do not always listening your faith in me is boundless.  Thank you universe!

Releasing Judgement

As I release judgement, I release resistance. I now embrace so many, many possibilities for myself.  My darker days are over and my re-enlightenment and re-discovery of Who-I-Really-Am has begun anew.  I bless the darker days, for they have shown me that the answers that I seek are truly within and I could not have come to this pivotal turning point of my life journey without those experiences.

Each day I embrace my Inner Being and do my best to see my world through his eyes.

2 Deals & a Wife… (What a Life!)

My first week of being self employed.  The leap that paid off! The Bank was great met some really great friends that supported me to begin anew. I am newly engaged to the most Fabulous Lady & creative ones  as well. She’s been doing super great getting her dream web design clients and now we’re doing it.

All of our dreams when we first met are now coming true.  I landed 2 Design deals that made us more money in my first weeks then my last 2 months at the bank.

To quote a very important T.V Icon in our home & in yours if you have little ones; “We Did it!” Dora

I AM Grateful for All!

I am forever grateful for all that God, the Universe, brings into my life each and every day…from amazing little tidbits of information that fires up my creativity, to a reminder that all is well in my world by a joyful laugh, a gentle touch, a friendly gesture from a new or old friend, just so much that the Universe brings into my life.

My passion is to write all of the books that are in my soul awaiting to be released beginning with my first fictional novel, “My Four-Cornered Room” which I expect to be made into a major motion picture.  I expect to start up a company with my family to create a new version of a social network that is a cross between Facebook and Imeem, and to finally come together with my Twin Flame and to live the life that we have envisioned for such a long time.  To have the reunion of the Twin Flames would be heaven on earth.  In addition, to begin working together with my Twin Flame to serve humanity in every way possible…sharing inspirational msgs, serving, giving, and sharing.

My desire is to continue to be youthful, filled with vigor, energetic, healthy, and well at all times.  I desire this for my family and friends as well.

My desire is to attract like-minded souls into my life and to create heaven on earth by our positive thoughts filled with compassion and unconditional love.  We can change the world by being the change we wish to see in the world.  Yes…Yes…Yes…

Once my Twin Love and I are together, we travel the world, spending time in all the tropical islands that we can for we have talked of this and walking on the beach discussing the higher spiritual realm…that is what I desire with my Twin Love as we are spreading love everywhere we go…PEACE

I am so grateful!

I am in deep appreciation of my amazing wonderful life.  I have 2 gorgeous daughters and a wonderful husband and our businesses: Conscious Arcade, Ultimate Arcade, Twisted Treasure, and UIStudios are so abundant and peaceful.  We are doing what we love, we have the freedom that we desire to be a family and travel and we are all healthy and extremely happy.  We are living in a dream home that is safe and cozy and having such a great time.  We are no longer focused on lack and/or debt.  We have paid off all our debt and have learned to spend our abundance consciously.  We are no longer feeling like victims and telling our story as it is.

We feel independent and strong and have learned so many valuable lessons.  We are taking care of ourselves, practicing meditation and yoga and eating healthy.  Everyday we are in gratitude, staying positive, and when we aren’t feeling positive or we feel fearful, we remind ourselves of all that is a blessing and all that we have learned.  We react to challenges of life with peace and happiness.  We are working on helping others to learn everyting we have read and helped them to see what life is really about by creating online video games that help to change people’s vibrations and educate them on spirituality, appreciation, gratitude, Chakras, energy healing, Law of Attraction, and abundance!  Soon, I will begin working on our Non-Profit foundation as well, Help Change a Life!  Our lives are AMAZING!  The better it gets, the BETTER IT GETS!!!!