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My Prayers Now Answered!

It is absolutely wonderful! I have now manifested £10,000.00, which has come to me in such a wonderful and magical way! This is absolutely awesome! I am singing and dancing and jumping for joy! My Cosmic Order for this money has been delivered in perfect time for what I need it for. Yes….my prayers have been answered! I am so grateful for this! I give thanks for the abundance that is mine now, and gratefully accept even more abundance that is being showered upon me now! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Hello everyone. Neat blog! A few years ago I was in an unhappy relationship with an abusive man and I couldn’t see any way out, I didn’t have a place to go to, no job, no money, no family to help me and two little kids. A while ago I was browsing through old letter drafts and I found one where I was telling all my friends how I FINALLY got away from X. I told my friends that I had been worrying for nothing, that I easily got custody of the kids, that the judge assigned the apartment to ME to live in with the kids so having a place to live didn’t turn out to be a problem, that I found work and all the great fun that I had been having with the kids ever since we left X. I told my friends about all the outings and excursions that I was taking the kids on. I even told them the dates, I told them that we got away from X in April. A really nice, upbeat but normal letter. I thought, oh that’s nice I wrote this letter but I forgot to send it.

THEN……….. I checked the date on the letter. I had written that letter in JANUARY of the same year that I left X! Four months before I actually succeeded in escaping from him. It was so accurate and spot-on, all the details were exactly the SAME as really happened later in real life, even right down to the dates! But after I had written that letter I stashed it away (I guess I had the intention of sending it to my friends when what I wrote in it came true), but then I forgot all about it. It was so accurate that I thought I had written it AFTER everything in it had already happened.

Progress :)

I am so excited. I finally got the apartment looking just the way I want it. It took only a short period of time! The water-view from my bedroom looks amazing! I can hear the waves crash against the shore at night.

I am so glad that the parties in my settlement are highly cooperative! The lawyer says to expect the money in my account today! I am so excited!

Lunch was so fun today with my sweetheart!  He enjoys seeing me and continues to visit me at home and at work. He has great feelings about me and protects me. All is well with him and me.

Good news :)

I am so happy and grateful now that I have my settlement in my checking account. I only put into my checking account the amount I need to use. I put the rest in savings. All looks great financially! I also have 4 job interviews scheduled for September. Employers are eager to hire me and pay me $40,000 per year.

Sales continue to climb this month at CATS. Clients are just walking through the door paying for our services. Other clients are calling nationwide for services as well. We are making money hand-over-fist.

I deserve and now have ever-lasting TRUE love. I enjoy the feeling I now have due to seeing my “life partner” over lunch. Our relationship is headed toward serious commitment. My life partner mentions traveling together very soon. I am so happy to spend one-on-one time with him – quality time getting to know each other deeply. We are so HAPPY when we are together.


Work is good!

Sales are through the roof this month at Confident Accounting and Tax Service! My boss is VERY proud of me. This is a record-breaking month for sales. Clients continue to call the office in need of tax return preparation and the clients are more than eager to pay us. Referrals are also coming in because we do a great job! My reward is a bonus.

I am also very happy because my attorney says my settlement is final. The settlement check clears the bank today! Boy, I am happy with the amount! The money allows me to afford great things while I am job-searching. After I get my new job, I am happy to save the remainder.

Love is still in the air! I see my “life partner” today. I am happy to see him because I know he comes bearing great news! All is nice!!!

it’s all perfect!

Everything I want is here today! I love feeling being so relaxed and chilled inside knowing I’ve started today feeling happy and having that tingling feeling inside because I am doing the job I love. Coaching people and helping others is so fun and I know working together with the business I want, I am now making this happen. Each day is fun and exciting and it feels good to know I AM impacting people’s lives! The money just keeps rolling in my bank account, infact my bank account is filling up so fast I am about to open up an other account so I can put all the extra income in there, I love this life.

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Thank you Universe!

Thank you universe for all of the magnificent and truly amazing gifts that enrich my life from which i know i am loved and blessed!! All that enables me to experience and grow is an expression of the love the universe has for me and it is boundless……

I am surrounded by the light of this boundless love and through me it can shine in to the world and through it  i too become an expression of this perfect universe; pure, undiluted love. 

And my beautiful children who make me laugh and smile, that challenge me in ways before unknown, are part of that expression.  Watching them grow, listening to them speak, feeling as we become more than parent and child but friends bonded by a selfless love makes tears of joy spring to my eyes.  Can there be a more magnificent expression of the love the universe feels for me?

And my partner; my best friend; the one for whom I  searched and waited patiently for for such a long time…….He is my sun, moon and stars, a perfect mirror of my inner being we are connected more deeply than words can explain.

Thank you universe!  Love is too a small a word to express the emotion, the appreciation, the security, the peace I feel when I open myself up to you!   It is a connection that can be forgotten, but never broken.  You are there always lighting the way and guiding my steps, and although I do not always listening your faith in me is boundless.  Thank you universe!

My Success is Now

Today, I do only what makes me feel good.

Today, I participate not because I should, but because I choose to.

I release the anger and self-hate.  The relationships I am in are because I feel good in them.

I love my life.

I let go of all the silly anxieties, worries and regrets I have dwelled upon.

I am full of love, energy and well-being.

My body is a center of energy & love.

My success is based on the peace I am able to maintain.  I am successful in my relationships and at maintaining a balance.

I am grateful for my powerful, strong, unique body.  It fulfills my physical experience and gives me joy.

I am joyful this life is such a gift.  Every moment I am here is another gift.

Thank you!

May the reflection of my soul descend joy into other’s lives.

I have built a castle of love, joy, peace, abundance and goodwill.  I love everyone and realize they are all my teachers.

Releasing Judgement

As I release judgement, I release resistance. I now embrace so many, many possibilities for myself.  My darker days are over and my re-enlightenment and re-discovery of Who-I-Really-Am has begun anew.  I bless the darker days, for they have shown me that the answers that I seek are truly within and I could not have come to this pivotal turning point of my life journey without those experiences.

Each day I embrace my Inner Being and do my best to see my world through his eyes.

The Good News Keeps Getting Better

What a fabulous new renter I’ve met for my dear home!  She’s perfect in more ways than I could have imagined and I like her so much I practically wish we were neighbors!  Responsible, trustworthy, appreciative, like-minded – a true pleasure to be connected to.

She loves my house and treats it like she would her own dear house – I am so grateful for her!

And the work Vicki does for me online is FABULOUS!  I can’t believe I didn’t get her on board back when I first met this amazing girl!

My sweetie just gets sweeter; my body just gets healthier; my friends get friendlier, my money gets richer, my volunteer work gets even more rewarding. 

This is my idea of a good time.  Thank you, Universe.  🙂

It Was Time

All right, I was getting a little out of control with how long I was hanging on to these big kitties.  I know I got a little attached because they were here longer than usual, just to make sure they were 100% healthy before we sent them to their new lives, but it really was time to trust and let go. 

And that’s exactly what happened – in perfect timing, as always.  They were adopted – TOGETHER – !! – by a lovely woman who has a great history with cats and was very happy to meet and adopt them both.   I think they’ll have a great life with her and she has our number in case anything ever happens.  (Plus, they do have microchips in my name – as added insurance – he he.)

Time to focus on the little kitties now!  Thanks, Angels, for making such a great way for our big kitties.  🙂

I love this internal, everlasting, peace…

I’ve read so many excerpts about being connected and tuned in and “in the vortex”. But they can’t compare to how I feel now. I expected some big bang. I expected fireworks. I never expected this feeling of peace. In each and everyone of my desires, I feel this profound trust. I’m not worrying or fretting, it’s just a deep knowing that everything will turn out fine. At the very LEAST they’ll turn out fine. I just trust in God and the Universe and just everything…it all feels beautifully connected and easy. It’s like walking on clouds while in a sleek boat on a calm tropical ocean.

I love this feeling. I’m so thankful for all the “trouble” that’s led me here. I’m so thankful for all the nudges of those I love and who love me. I’m grateful for all those I don’t really know but have been amazing LOA resources. I feel so at peace and just have this feeling of…knowing. It’s quite fabulous, ya know 🙂

A Rollicking, Frolicking Summer of Dating Fun!!

Easy Love Manifestations Abe vid – FUN!!My Love, the Love Heart!

This is THE best summer I’ve ever had so far – lots of fun, happy, exciting times with amazing guys! Each date I go on and each guy I go out with just gets even better than the previous one!

I’m having SO much fun it’s almost illegal (yes miss J I’m finally manifesting your summer and it’s the perfect time for it!) 😀 PEople ask me HOW I’m so happy all the time and how I manage to attract such absolutely gorgeous, happy, fun, honest, spontaneous, exciting, affectionate, emotionally available, GREAT guys who are TOTALLY into me, one after the other and I say oh well, don’t you know? I asked for it!!

And at the end of summer, my lighthearted attitude towards dating and fun vibe brought THE one into my life 🙂 JUST as I knew it would. ALL this fun AND my dream man to boot – it doesn’t get any better than this. Oh yeah.

WOOHOOO Thanks Universe!! LOve it :D!

I AM Grateful for All!

I am forever grateful for all that God, the Universe, brings into my life each and every day…from amazing little tidbits of information that fires up my creativity, to a reminder that all is well in my world by a joyful laugh, a gentle touch, a friendly gesture from a new or old friend, just so much that the Universe brings into my life.

My passion is to write all of the books that are in my soul awaiting to be released beginning with my first fictional novel, “My Four-Cornered Room” which I expect to be made into a major motion picture.  I expect to start up a company with my family to create a new version of a social network that is a cross between Facebook and Imeem, and to finally come together with my Twin Flame and to live the life that we have envisioned for such a long time.  To have the reunion of the Twin Flames would be heaven on earth.  In addition, to begin working together with my Twin Flame to serve humanity in every way possible…sharing inspirational msgs, serving, giving, and sharing.

My desire is to continue to be youthful, filled with vigor, energetic, healthy, and well at all times.  I desire this for my family and friends as well.

My desire is to attract like-minded souls into my life and to create heaven on earth by our positive thoughts filled with compassion and unconditional love.  We can change the world by being the change we wish to see in the world.  Yes…Yes…Yes…

Once my Twin Love and I are together, we travel the world, spending time in all the tropical islands that we can for we have talked of this and walking on the beach discussing the higher spiritual realm…that is what I desire with my Twin Love as we are spreading love everywhere we go…PEACE

I’m cruising to my party…

Universe, You are the best. The absolute best. I love that You have everything prepared for me. Before I even formally ask, You know what I want. You and I are the best team, creating the fun, joy, excitement and love that is my beautiful life. I appreciate how everything is like a party, and You are the coordinator. Everything is all planned out, waiting for me. All I have to do is feel good, and I’m cruising 100mph to my wondrous celebration! I just appreciate how perfectly wonderful You are at coordinating all my wants. I’m expecting great things from Us

New Sun, New Moon, New Week

return_waterhouse_the_sorceress What an amazing week ahead.

The New Moon is dazzling and all kinds of wonderful experiences are appearing in my life–meditations opening my third eye, a dinner date turning into a new level of relating, a minor character taking the plot to extreme and fascinating places that even surprise me, great news from unexpected corners and, could it get better financially? It does!

Mostly I am in awe of the connections I have–the level of love and intimacy is profound.

In deep gratitude and Love,

I love how things just keep getting better!

My life is so wondrous! Things just keep getting better every day. While listening to all my friend’s romantic woes, all I can do is smile and feel so thankful for my great relationship! I’m with such an honest, sweet, loving guy. They used to think I was insane expecting to find a guy like him, but I knew better.  The Universe delievered even better than I expected!

I love my new job! My old one was definitely a learning experience about business and customer service, and now I’m using all the great things I learned to have a blast at this job! I love how I have flexibility in my job. As long as I let them know in advance, I can take whatever days I need off. I love how the schedule is still very professional, though. There are always enough people working and it’s a breeze to get our job done. I love what I actually do. It’s easy, fun, and I love the benefits of working there. Also, the location is perfect. It’s just close enough to be easy to get to, no matter what! Plus, the pay is great. I’m a valuable asset to the business and I feel like I get paid to have fun! I’m so happy the Universe matched my vibe exactly!

Besides this, all the little things in my life definitely keep getting better. I just have such a great time enjoying life and being me!

Miracles DO happen

janetteI blogged here about the fabulous clearing work I’ve done recently, around my relationship with money, and today I had wonderful proof that it’s working.

Over the weekend my lovely mum-in-law was rushed into surgery and we had to get my hubby across the continent at short notice. This put a crimp in our finances and I’ve spent the last 48 hours making a string of conscious decisions to up my money vibe, to have faith, to keep focussing on the fact that money will come in, even if I don’t know how. I confess it’s been harder than usual, and last night I had one of those “okay Universe, I’ve done all this work so if you want me on board with this LOA stuff, you better start showing up with the goods!” moments.

It’s payday tomorrow, so this morning I treated myself to brekkie at my fave cafe, even though I didn’t have wads of cash. I decided to live as if I had abundance right now.  (Yummy eggs benedict BTW, and the second-best coffee in town – the best coffee place doesn’t do food!). Got home feeling positive and knowing that I’d sorted out a few things like leave from work for my hubby, and now I could relax and wait for news from over west.

As I walked through the door, I heard the answering machine beep and thought perhaps there had been developments with hubby’s mum. But when I listened to the message, it was my dad calling to see how things were going. And to say not to worry about any difficulty paying for me to go visit hubby’s family, because he had just sent me a cheque to help out.

I can tell you now, I bawled my eyes out (and it still has me getting a bit soggy, writing about it). I didn’t even need to ask for the money, it’s just on its way. How is THAT for the Universe coming up trumps? I’m so grateful, I don’t know where to begin!!

I’m grateful to the Universe (of course) and to each and every one of the wonderful people I know throughout the world who so generously share their expertise and their experiences with LOA, and who inspire me. 

You know who you are…  xx

In the Flow

K, so, something super magical has happened. It’s a little weird to experience, even. But I like it!

What’s happened is … I got in some sort of flow where .. like, hardly anything bothers me any more!! I’m SO taking life in stride – it’s seriously cool! I see the good stuff EVERYWHERE!

I mean, yes, I notice the contrast here and there on occasion, but I know that is actually helpful for the whole process of letting life just get better and better, and I slip right back into the feel good so naturally and quickly and easily. I’ve gotten REALLY good at this! I kind of feel like shouting, “Mom! Look at me!!” because it’s so cool and so fun!

It just seems like there are more things to appreciate – more wonderful happenings, more handsome men, more cool cars, more fun kitties, more happy dogs, more perfect and amazing and incredible clients, more delicious chocolate, more fun movies, more quality times with my sweetie, more friends, more EVERYTHING! Gosh, someone might think I was on good drugs if they didn’t know better. hee hee

Keep it coming, Universe – we’re in the flow now!

I am so grateful!

I am in deep appreciation of my amazing wonderful life.  I have 2 gorgeous daughters and a wonderful husband and our businesses: Conscious Arcade, Ultimate Arcade, Twisted Treasure, and UIStudios are so abundant and peaceful.  We are doing what we love, we have the freedom that we desire to be a family and travel and we are all healthy and extremely happy.  We are living in a dream home that is safe and cozy and having such a great time.  We are no longer focused on lack and/or debt.  We have paid off all our debt and have learned to spend our abundance consciously.  We are no longer feeling like victims and telling our story as it is.

We feel independent and strong and have learned so many valuable lessons.  We are taking care of ourselves, practicing meditation and yoga and eating healthy.  Everyday we are in gratitude, staying positive, and when we aren’t feeling positive or we feel fearful, we remind ourselves of all that is a blessing and all that we have learned.  We react to challenges of life with peace and happiness.  We are working on helping others to learn everyting we have read and helped them to see what life is really about by creating online video games that help to change people’s vibrations and educate them on spirituality, appreciation, gratitude, Chakras, energy healing, Law of Attraction, and abundance!  Soon, I will begin working on our Non-Profit foundation as well, Help Change a Life!  Our lives are AMAZING!  The better it gets, the BETTER IT GETS!!!!

Abundance is pouring in!

….  like bees to honey, like magnets to the North Pole. And all I did to attract this abundance was just BE ME 🙂Coach T.I.A - Coaching You to Take Inspired Action!

I meet people at bus-stops, at the beach, at BBQ’s, everywhere I go, and have wonderful conversations about LOA, inspired action, being happy now etc.

They call me the Happiness Queen, the happiest person they know 😀 My aura and energy draws my perfect clients to me. I love it! It’s as easy as breathing to me.

My articles and blog posts are so inspiring that other bloggers regularly link to my posts, copy them into different languages, use them in E-books, forward them to friends (giving me full credit) and excitedly sign up for my Ezine so they can get MORE of me.

Naturally, people all over the world know me as an expert Inspired Action and LOA coach and love to talk about me all the time. Gosh, they love me and I love them.

Being a part of and winning Best Coaching Blog of 2009 contest has been phenomenal for increasing my readership, popularity and client base. More people now know of me and my website gets over 500 unique visitors daily. Numbers keep increasing every month and I’m making a real +ve difference in their lives. What a great feeling.

I’m too blessed to be stressed about anything! Love is all around me, I’m in delicious love, have an amazing social life, 10 perfect one on one clients, work 15 hours a week, earn $5000 month and am enjoying the best summer I’ve had in years..

Oooh this is summin else people, I’m telling you 😀 SUMMIN’ ELSE indeed!! And the best part? It’s just GETTING STARTED..

Riding the Wave of Grace & Ease!

We’re in the midst of riding another exciting wave of grace and ease as we move to Wisconsin from Colorado!

I just love how everything is flowing effortlessly along…we just show up as willing participants and the rest unfolds brilliantly around and before us!

I love how centered and at peace I feel in this transition. All of the puzzle pieces are coming to us and putting themselves in place as we watch in appreciation and awe.

I love that there are endless options of potential around finding our next ‘home’ for us to physically land.  I love that I feel free from having to know the details around what it is…and that I can just be JOYful in the adventure of discovery…knowing full well that I will LOVE the outcome!



I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that a furnished apartment that loves critters just showed up to make everything extra super easy for as long as we need it!!

I love knowing and trusting the Divine Timing at work around our house in CO selling.  I can just feel how perfect the timing is!  I love that the Universe has got us covered…and that I can relax in that knowing.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that I get to play w/my nieces (& their Mommy) all summer long! While all the details around our move are ‘figured out’ by the Universe, I’ll be swimming, running through fields of wildflowers, hugging horses, going for walks in nature, playing with Ashki (our doggie love), Phanny & Hina (2 cats!), blogging here & there for the JOY of it, playing, playing, playing, tweeting, playing…etc.!!

I love that my life is focused on feeling good and living for JOY. I love that I get to share that w/others who want to their lives to feel good and be focused on JOY, too!

I love that all of this is REAL & TRUE!!!  :0)

PS~Thanks Universe, for being our navigator as we journey eastward to WI on Tues.  We know how much you love to pave the way for ‘smooth sailing’…as we drive across this gloriously green and beautiful country!

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Loving my life and freedom…

I’m so excited that my website is making enough money that I can choose whether or not I want to leave my full-time job.  I am easily making $4,000/month from product sales and affiliate sales on my site.  It feels so good and I feel so free!

My ebook came together so perfectly and was so easy to complete, and people kept emailing me and asking me when it would be ready!  When I did finally release it, I made several thousand dollars of sales the very first day and took a nice, relaxing two-week trip to Paris and stayed in my favorite hotel on the Place des Vosges.  It was so relaxing and amazing!!  I always knew I would be able to afford staying in this hotel, and I think the next time I go back to Paris I’ll stay at the Ritz where Princess Diana used to stay.

My on-line courses about how to create your ideal life have been even more successful than I ever would have imagined, and I’m so glad it was so easy to put them together on-line.  If I had known it was this easy, I would have created them a long time ago!  People tell me that not only is the content in the courses very informative and just what they needed to hear, but also the visuals and graphics are really inspiring and uplifting.  I have attracted a true following on-line, and I know without a doubt that I am living on-purpose.

I am loving my life, loving my freedom, and can’t wait to see what I am inspired to create next!!  Woo hoo!  🙂

My life rocks!

I love, love, love how awesome my life is and how blessed I am!Coach T.I.A's Life Rocks!!

I have the most amazing people in my life who love, inspire, support and adore me and I them.

I love the close connected friendships that I share with so many awesome like minded peeps – gosh we have so much FUN esp now that summer is here. BBQ’s, hikes, concerts, dinners, dancing, festivals, beach days, walks, bike rides, DVD nights, boat cruises, slip n slide parties, sun and fun – every day is a pleasure and I wake up bouncing out of bed with the sheer joy of being alive!!

My heart beats fast in anticipation of the fabulous day I’m having, of the happiness all around me – this is surreal. This is life as it was meant to be, with every cell in my body vibrating with happiness and ALIVENESS!!

Thank you Universe, you gave me what I wanted and MORE! Every day you bring me more joy than I could think was possible. Love it!! Giggity~!