Catching Up !

Even though this site was down I kept writing. This is me catching up.

I am totally grateful for all that I have right now. I have a great job that has offered me advancement, I am well liked by all of my colleagues and I am very good at what I do. I am grateful for my car that gets me back and forth to work everyday. I am grateful for the opportunities that await me in the future. I flow with the universe and not against it. I am in alignment with my higher power everyday. The universe has granted me some amazing things in my life: the love of a beautiful woman, money and wealth, excellent job opportunities and freedom to do what ever I want. The universe is showing me the way to ever more health, financial wealth, love and abundance everyday. I only need to pay attention to the signs that are given to me everyday by the universe. I wish only to be aware of all of these signs and act in the best interest of everyone involved. All delays and roadblocks have long since been removed from my life. I now enjoy all of the swiftness that being in the flow with the universe brings. Amazingly, whenever I need something to come into my life, the universe provides it at the right moment. Job offers have poured in to me over the last several weeks, and I can choose whichever works best for me and my life. Money also flows to me in large amounts, right when I need it the most, I never have to wait the universe hears my request and sends it immediately. This is why I am grateful now. I have everything flowing to me in a beautiful synchronized fashion directly from the universe.

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