Can you tell me why?

Why am I in such an amazing relationship?
Why is my boyfriend so much of everything I wanted and more?
Why do we have such a perfect balance of seeing each other and seeing friends?
Why do my parents just love him too?

Why am I so rich?
Why is money always flowing to me?
Why am I so lucky?
Why am I always winning money and prizes?
Why do the perfect opportunites just open up to me?
Why is work so fun an easy?
Why does any job I do  feel more like fun than work?

Why am I always around such great people?
Why am I surrounded in a network of love and support?
Why do I have all the freedom I want?
Why can I always brighten someone’s day?

Why are my abs so toned and slim?
Why is my body so healthy, inside and out?
Why does my body have freeing flexibility?
Why do I have lean, feminine muscles?

Why can I be, do, or have whatever I want, whenever I want?
Why is manifesting my wishes and dreams so easy and fun?
Why does it always get better, every day?

Why do I love Jeannette for blogging about afformations? 😛
Why do afformations work so quickly and easily?

2 thoughts on “Can you tell me why?

    1. Avatartiffany blue Post author

      haha thank you so much! but afformations don’t require a reply, they just spawn such a feeling of positivity that my brain starts “looking” for the answer, expects it, and, therefore, creates it!


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