Best and Highest Good !!

The universe continues to shower me with its gifts everyday!! I do not have to struggle to pay my bills on time. I have the means to be able to share my financial abundance with my family!! In fact, my family no longer fights about financial matters, as all are aware that we all are gaining financial abundance everyday!! My mind is completely at peace knowing that all of my financial obligations have been met with plenty left over to enjoy the pleasures of shopping for the things I desire to own. Yep, I’m a man and I love to shop!! To shop with a peaceful mind and heart is one of life’s greatest joys!! I am so very grateful that I am able to meet and greatly exceed my monthly quotas were money is concerned. The loving universe sees to it that I have all of the money, success, health and love that I will ever need!! It flows to me everyday and in every way!! It’s never really a surprise because I know that it comes from the endless abundance and infinite wisdom of the universe!!! I am a strong, loving, compassionate, grateful, wealthy, healthy man and I know in my heart that all I have has been created for me as well as by me and gift wrapped by the universe to enjoy and share!! I am absolute wealth and abundance in human form. I am the king of all that I survey and the universe has shown me how to receive it all!! My phone has been ringing off the hook with job offers that will ensure that I remain financially wealthy well into the future. Even past employers are calling to find out what they can do to get me to come work for them again!! Some have even offered me bonuses if I will only say yes!! All I ever do is trust, trust in the loving universe to put me in the flow that leads all things having to do with receiving money and financial wealth directly to me!!! The flow washes over me and through me, bringing me even more financial wealth and abundance. As always, I am forever happy, grateful, open and willing to receive all of the abundance flowing into my life!!! I release all of my desires about financial abundance to the universe to handle and in doing so release all stress, worry and fear, knowing that all things received are for the best and highest good of everyone around me.

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