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WOW!!!  That’s really all I can say right now:)  Life is soooo good to me these days!!

My very first teleclass sold out in record time!!  I had the idea Sunday night, put the sales page up Tuesday morning, and by the end of the week the class was entirely sold out!  I am so humbled to know that I am *absolutely* doing what I am meant to be doing right now, and people are really resonating with me.  This class is going to be soooo fun!  🙂

I have more coaching clients than ever, because all my clients are referring me to their family and friends!!  They are also telling all their friends about my new ebook, so people are buying my ebook on a daily basis!!  Every single day, I receive notification that I have more money waiting for me in my PayPal account:)

More than anything, I am so incredibly grateful that I feel so amazingly GOOD!!!  That is what’s most important to me: feeling good, feeling inspired, living on-purpose, and knowing that I’m putting my skills and talents to good use in this world.  I love helping others, and it feels so wonderful and fufilling to know that I’m doing that!!

I love all the success that has come to my through my website, and I can’t wait to keep sharing myself with others and helping them create their ideal lives!!  And So It Is:)

I am absolutely living the life of my dr…

I am absolutely living the life of my dreams, and it feels soooo good!! I knew it was possible, and now that I’m living it on a daily basis I can truly say that even my wildest dreams have been exceeded!

My husband and I have now been married for 20+ wonderful, blissful years. We have an amazing home on the water, and we just got back from taking our boat out and enjoying an afternoon on the water. Today I did a little water-skiing, and the kids did too. I’m so thankful that even though our kids are more like teenagers now, they still enjoy hanging out with us and doing fun things as a family!

My husband and I are still running our “LOA for Couples” business after all these years, and I’m truly amazed by its success. I knew it would be rewarding and fulfilling for me, but I didn’t realize just how many people were out there clamoring for this information!! My husband and I have been able to travel the world, putting on seminars and presentations for our business, showing others how to create the relationship of their dreams using the principles of LOA… just like we have. I can truly say we’re happier than ever, and it just keeps getting better and better, every single day!

Money is not even a thought for us these days… It comes to us so easily, even while we sleep! Our business can run on autopilot if we want, and we have so many lucrative investments making us money all the time that we really don’t even have to think about it! It feels so great to feel so secure, so cared for and provided for…

I am absolutely loving life, and it truly gets richer and more fulfilling year to year, day to day… I am soooo lucky! 🙂

Cool little manifestation story!

This isn’t really a PRJ entry, but it’s a cool little manifestation story that just happened to me and I felt the need to share somewhere… so I thought, why not share it here!  🙂

Anyway, I’m at my J-O-B and I had a caffeine headache this morning so I REALLY wanted to go buy a Diet Pepsi to get some caffeine in my system.  I looked in my wallet and didn’t have any single dollar bills, but I had some change so I was trying to scrape enough together to get my Diet Pepsi.  Every time I thought I had already found all the “silver coins” in my wallet I would say to myself, “You don’t have enough change there, so go back in your wallet and find some more silver coins.”  And each time I went back in there, I found another one!  So I finally got to the point where I only needed one more dime and I was sure that I didn’t have any silver coins left anywhere… I looked in the bottom of my purse, emptied out my wallet, looked through the change pouch several times and I didn’t see anything.  I didn’t want to ask anyone for the dime, though, so I told myself, “You will go back in your wallet and find a dime now.” And sure enough I did!!!

So then I went to the vending machine and I was putting in the coins, but some of them were rejected by the machine several times.  But I just kept saying to the Universe, “I want this Diet Pepsi and I want it now, and I’m going to use these coins to purchase it!”  And sure enough, after a couple tries it eventually took all my change!  I got my Diet Pepsi and now my headache is gone!!

Moral of the story: believe you can have what you want, tell the Universe you expect to get it, take action, and go get it!!!  🙂

I am so grateful for everything in my life…

I am absolutely LOVING being a wife and mother!!! It gets better and better every single day, and I am just so entirely fulfilled.  I wake up every morning filled with so much gratitude to be laying next to my soulmate, and having two beautiful, healthy, happy children in the room right next door to meJ

My husband and I consciously use the law of attraction and various manifestation techniques to create our ideal relationship and life in general.  We are both living out our dreams, and are so happy to be with each other.  We put family first in everything we do, and are so fortunate that our multiple on-line businesses are able to pretty much run themselves and still rake in a TON of money!  We are able to take vacations as often as we want and know that our businesses will continue to make thousands of dollars, even while we are away.

I LOVE MY LIFE!!!  And so it isJ

More Money!! $$$

Wow, my J-O-B just asked me to take another whopping check to the bank… and this one is for $463,871.28!!!  The funny thing is that the lady who keeps asking me to take these checks to the bank is not my supervisor, or even in my own department!

This time when she asked me I told her that I like dealing with money and that I will gladly take money to the bank for her anytime she needs:)

I just keep feeling and intending that someday soon I will be taking my own whopping checks to the bank to deposit in MY account!

um, WOW!!!

Wow, ever since Jeannette’s money post on the GoodVibeBlog and my PRJ post on here the other day about unexpected income, my money vibe has been SKY-HIGH!!!  And I’m loving every second of it:)

About two months ago I started a new J-O-B, while I work on developing my on-line business.  For whatever reason, they’ve started entrusting me with taking the company checks to the bank every day.  It’s not part of my job or even my department (I work in HR), but it’s totally fine with me because I love the walks in the sunshine + it allows me to get in touch with more $$!  Up until today the checks have been around $10,000, and I feel pretty special that they’ve entrusted the newest employee here with handling that much company money.  But today they gave me a check to take to the bank that’s over $400,000!!!  Little ole me with FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS in her hand!!  One time I held a check for $200,000, but this definitely takes the cake!!

All the way to the bank I’m going to act like it’s my $400,000 and get into the feeling place of what that would be like… because one day soon I hope to be depositing my OWN check into the bank worth $400,000!!!


Unexpected income!

After I posted my PRJ entry yesterday about receiving unexpected income from various sources, my dad called me last night and told me he owes me a check for $900!  WOO HOO!!  I had honestly completely forgotten about this money, so this is very much unexpected income… but completely welcome!

I love money and money loves me! 🙂

I did it!!

Can I get a WOO-HOO!!!  🙂

I did it… I really did it!!  I am officially making enough money now that I can leave my corporate job if I want to and stay home full-time.  I knew this day was coming, I just didn’t know it was coming so soon!

The funny thing is that a lot of the money is coming from unexpected sources that I never even imagined in the first place.  Sure, a lot of my income comes from my website but I am also receiving a ton of money from a variety of other sources as well!  All I had to do was open up the floodgates and allow myself to receive, and it’s like money started flying at me from all different directions!  Large sums of money are just turning up in my life on a regular basis and I know it’s directly related to me letting go and trusting that the Universe will always provide for me!!

Gosh, it is such an amazing feeling to be able to let go, trust, and just allow wealth to come into my life naturally from so many different sources.  I don’t have to worry anymore, I just ride the wave of trust and allow good things to come into my life.  My needs and wants are always met, and life just continues to get better and better for me on a daily basis!

I love it! J

The better it gets, the better it gets!

I really think it is possible that I am the LUCKIEST girl on the entire planet!!!

I just finished my yoga teacher training, and now am officially certified to be a yoga teacher!  I can’t believe that just a few months ago I didn’t even like yoga, and now I am a teacher!  Not to mention my body is smokin’ hot:)

My ebook sales are so sky-high that I’ve already started developing my on-line modules and courses because people have been asking me for them, without even knowing that I had been planning to develop them!  I love the way they are turning out, with tons of great content but also visually stunning and so fun and creative.

I have started developing additional websites because my Self Help Goddess site is doing so well that it basically runs itself on auto-pilot.  I am having so much fun developing my other sites and am loving interacting with all my new on-line fans:)

Wow, I am so in love with my life!!  The better it gets, the better it gets! 


I am so very excited today!! My husband…

I am so very excited today!! My husband and I just officially launched our on-line business at and have already started selling our on-line courses about using the LOA to create your ideal relationship. My husband is a wiz at on-line marketing and technology, so creating the on-line modules was a snap and tons of fun too!!

We love the fact that we can run our business together, and also continue to work on our relationship as we help other couples create the relationships of their dreams as well. We have already sold-out three of our upcoming workshops/seminars and are planning to add more to our schedule! We would also like to conduct some in other countries as well, so that is on our radar in the future.

I am so glad I found a partner who is so committed to personal growth, spirituality, and consciously using the law of attraction to create our ideal life and ideal relationship together. We are truly two peas in a pod, and fit together so well. We both wanted someone we could share everything with, both in terms of being relationship partners and business partners, and everything has come together so quickly and easily for us.

I am so excited that our on-line business is taking off so quickly, and I can’t wait to start helping hundreds of thousands of people create their ideal relationships using the law of attraction! I created my ideal relationship that way, and know I can help others do the same thing in their lives! 🙂

Loving my life and freedom…

I’m so excited that my website is making enough money that I can choose whether or not I want to leave my full-time job.  I am easily making $4,000/month from product sales and affiliate sales on my site.  It feels so good and I feel so free!

My ebook came together so perfectly and was so easy to complete, and people kept emailing me and asking me when it would be ready!  When I did finally release it, I made several thousand dollars of sales the very first day and took a nice, relaxing two-week trip to Paris and stayed in my favorite hotel on the Place des Vosges.  It was so relaxing and amazing!!  I always knew I would be able to afford staying in this hotel, and I think the next time I go back to Paris I’ll stay at the Ritz where Princess Diana used to stay.

My on-line courses about how to create your ideal life have been even more successful than I ever would have imagined, and I’m so glad it was so easy to put them together on-line.  If I had known it was this easy, I would have created them a long time ago!  People tell me that not only is the content in the courses very informative and just what they needed to hear, but also the visuals and graphics are really inspiring and uplifting.  I have attracted a true following on-line, and I know without a doubt that I am living on-purpose.

I am loving my life, loving my freedom, and can’t wait to see what I am inspired to create next!!  Woo hoo!  🙂