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Using the energy alignment of Reiki and techniques from Martha Beck, Byron Katie's The Work and Jon Kabat-Zinn, you can open up your potential for happiness and joy in life. By dissolving limiting thoughts and beliefs, your time with me will free you to fully embrace the best in your life. Each session begins with an assessment of energy levels and where body energy is trapped or stagnant. Once areas of limitation are identified, we will dive in and dissolve, dissolve, dissolve, One session will enable you to employ the basic techniques for a joyous life.

The Group Reiki Healing class is a succe…

The Group Reiki Healing class is a success. I teach people a technique for healing their money vibe. The subsequent recording is selling 10 copies a day. Already 10 of the listeners became monthly Reiki clients. All this fun has brought in an amount equivalent to my financial investment in coach education in the past 2 years.
Every day is filled with laughter.

Definitely a LOA Capricorn horoscope

The Sun forms a magical quintile with your key planet Saturn today, giving you options that are not readily apparent to anyone else. You are the wizard now and can pull a solution out of thin air, even when others have failed. But accepting responsibility could be the very thing that gets in your way of success. If anything, it’s your ability to detach yourself from the outcome now that graces you with the realization of a plan that actually works. Thursday, June 25, 2009

Beginning of a new week and time to revi…


Beginning of a new week and time to review this week’s plan. It is a wonderful week filled with happiness. My client slots are set with four coaching clients and three Reiki clients. My massage appointment is set for Tuesday at a perfect time for my personal renewal. With all the fresh fruits and vegetables available locally, I prepared most of the week’s menus, packed lunches and snacks with some room for spontaneous changes. The grant reviews are set to be uploaded on Wednesday morning, the manuscript edit sent off on Thursday, and the final mark-ups for the sleep manuscript goes out to co-authors on Thursday afternoon. All relationships reflect the harmony, peace and love that resides within me. A fabulously usual week ahead!

Choosing to follow my twittascope today …

Choosing to follow my twittascope today
Following your desire to have fun can also improve your self-esteem today. And when you feel better about yourself, you’ll become more productive in all that you do. It begins with giving yourself permission to seek pleasure. This act of apparent selfishness replenishes your energy and enables you to give more to others in return.


Today is every day my life is graced by fabulous individuals. My work flows easily and my workplace without stress. This evening holds dinner at a wonderful new restaurant at least new for me and theater afterwards. My dinner companion is a favorite of mine. I wish for all the pleasure of this day.

The first of the semi-annual shaman semi…

Leaping off thecliff knowing the ground will rise up to meet you
The first of the semi-annual shaman seminars with Jeannette and Koelle was such a success that we have a waiting list for the next one. The participants reveled in their magical selves as they learned to trust their intuitition. What teachers horses are for humans as horses have no surprise at the magic the participants manifested.
The Shaman Next Door, the book that began the process, includes interviews with 10 shamans each of whom learned to manifest miracles by trusting their intuition, their body’s language. Each chapter contains guidance for liberating your own shaman qualities.
The recommendations by the NY Times and London Times reviewers were a bonus.

Another fabulous day. Swimming in the m…

Another fabulous day. Swimming in the morning followed by mango and papaya salad. As the rain approached to water gardens, I checked in for some LiveCounseling clients. Love these quick sessions with amazing results for the clients. Spent some time drafting my latest book, The Shaman Next Door. Off to some fun activities. Life just gets better every day.