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I create money – it’s so easy

Isn’t it amazing how participating in Jeannette’s Money Mojo Magic Course changed my relationship with money completely? – it was so easy and fun, the energy energy of the 200+ participants on the forum was sky rocketing.

And I only participated live in the first half of it and then I went on vacation and goofed of. Of course I listened to the remaining calls after my vacation and enjoyed reading all the comments posted on the forum, but the shift happened clearly already before I went on vacation.

Now money is my friend – I’ve always got more than enough, well, actually, I CREATE money, it’s as simple as that – and it’s soooo easy 🙂

Feeling great in my body

Isn’t it fantastic how easy it is for me to obtain my ideal weight and feel great in my body? I have wonderful conversations with my body about what to eat next and whatever the answer is, I enjoy it completely and feel how every cell in my body is nurtured. I love how this works – I know and understand all the shortcuts and I litterally go down one size every week – woohoo this is so fun and easy