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About Mulata

Passionate writer. Amateur cook. Unstoppable dancer. Romantic Dreamer. Cityholic. Advocate for women rights. Super passionate about culture

Job opportunities everywhere

Prosperous and healthy job opportunities come to me in different ways. I always reflect my professionalism in the interviews, my real compromise to social justice, my passion to be a leader, a guide. Employers clearly see my talents, my potentials and my unique way of give and work. I choose the most abundant, loving and growing opportunity. Close to my home, accessible to public transportation, with a healthy and flexible schedule which allow me to enjoy life, to self-care, to growth as human being. The salary is abundant, the benefits unlimited. My coworkers are wise, sincere, generous, happy, compromise professionals, creative. The leaders believe in us, respect us, and give us responsibilities that we can handle. They let us grow and create positive projects in the organization. I work for a very healthy and structure organization making a difference in arts, international development and social work.
I am so bless to have find this magnificent job.


My health is a stream of life

My health is a constant source of healing and harmony. Every breath I take is full of wisdom, strength, transformation and peace. Every time I exhale, I do it with gratitude; love and consciousness to create more life…A purple light surround every cell, every organ, every fluid, and every system of my physical body. A white light protect my passionate spirit and my healthy mind. I am in synchronization with the wisdom of our Mother Earth Zen 2

Open to receive all the abundance

I am ready to receive all the abundance and prosperity that the Universe has for me. I let the Universe guide me to a place that is perfect for me where I will be happy and I will have everything I need and wish.
Thanks because the Goddess are giving me what I ask for. OM SHANTI

New Job after the 2009 equinox

New and wonderful job opportunities knock at my door. I am ready to take the best one, the most prosperous one, and the one which will allow me to give my very best as a professional, human being and feminist. My intuition is telling me that such a job opportunity in the social and international development field is close to my home, offering me a great schedule from Monday through Friday from 8 to 4pm, a super salary to enjoy my weekends, my life style, my professional development and all the trips that I have in mind as well as intelligent and emphatic coworkers who feel blessed with my inputs and presence. Thanks Universe for this rain of prosperity!

In vibration with the Universe

I’m in a constant and harmonic vibration with the Universe. With love and gratitude I accept all its lessons. I’m fully open and vulnerable to its joy, support, and unlimited abundance. I vibrate and dance with its rhythm flowing like a magnificent clear and powerful river.

My fabulous renovation

My fabulous renovation

I am renovating-redecorating my lovely home. Today I bought a beautiful and comfy navy blue sofa that goes perfect with the ethnic orange cushions that I brought from South America. Also I found a rustic style coffee table that gave to my living room a natural and hippie hint. Now my place is more cozy and warm than before, and my friends and family can sleepover and enjoy the benefits of the sofa. Tomorrow they will deliver my new queen bed, perfect to have wonderful nights of rest and love and to have short and deep naps during the day! I love it.
I got a very nice and spacious work station. I have a great ergonomic chair to spend hours of study and inspiration. The desk is big enough and friendly for my neck and hands. The best part is that for free they deliver the furniture at home…now I’m drawing in my mind some ideas for the colors and decor items I want to keep or buy. I feel so blessed and happy to renovate the energy at my place. When I open the door is like entering in an ethnic, natural and relax atmosphere, nothing to envy from the decor magazines. Yeaaaaaah!

Dance Fusion

Here the Universe giving more happiness again! I love dancing because my soul becomes strong and powerful, unstoppable and unique… and the Universe loves to seeme like that!

My lovely friend, who is doing a Master in Yoga for women, offers me to do her practicum in my home!! I am so blessed for it. My closest friends are coming to my temple, to enjoy and fulfill my house with passion. Each class is an hour,and is a fusion fitness class incorporating elements from bellydance, indian and african dance,core abdominal strengthening from Pilates, and yoga stretching.with great high energy music!

Imagine so.. I’m going to enjoy more every week of this summer, giving to my body energy trough my favorite exercise: dancing, dancing and dancing with love and gratitude. I appreciate my friend generosity in share with me all her knowledge and most important her inner passion.

Yeahhhhh I am already celebrating the wonder of being a woman!

Summer solstice began

Summer solstice began last night and I celebrated with love and hope. Today I feel renovated, healthy and grateful about all the blessings that I have in my life. My body is perfectly healthy, active and armonic. My soul is full of happiness and love and is manifesting its magnitude through my job, my relationships, my family, my friends and my life style. Everybody around me is celebrating the solstice with joy and the Universe fulfill my day with bright purpure healing energy…everything is flowing and growing

Im super healthy

My body is a perfect center of healing. Everyday I feel so fortunate to have a wonderful health and positive habits. I eat healthy and tasty food, I walk every morning around the seawall and I feel strong and vigorous vibes inside my body. Every organ of my body is strong and it cells are full of joy and wisdom. My immune system is powerful and resistant. The Universe always protects me and guides my intuition to eat the nutrients that I need. I reflect the perfection of my cells and with gratitude I embrace my body!

I won a trip to Montreal Jazz festival!

I’m so blessed and happy. Just minutes ago I got a call from CBC confirming that I won a trip for two days to the Montreal Jazz Fest! At my job they are so happy that they gave me another two days off to spend almost a week in enchanting and beautiful Montreal. One of my best desires is now true…life is full of positive surprises

I love culture and that’s why every week I’m getting double free tickets to go to the symphony, concerts to the Jazz Festival and the Music Fest and jazz presentation to The Cellar. I enjoy dressed up for those events, have great and sophisticated dinners before or after and best with the company of my beloved, who enjoys being generous with me and share my passion for culture.