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I’m so excited to have found this wonderful pray rain blog, what fun!!! Things are getting better and better, I’m getting such a hang of directing my thoughts & making myself feel great!!! I love being happy all the time, and having the easy ability to redirect my focus if need be & head right back into the vortex! It’s so much fun! I love that I’m finding more and more like-minded friends to share this stuff with, it’s so exciting to hear or read about someone’s newest or most exciting manifestation! I love seeing the playful Universe play out wonderful events for myself and my fellow Deliberate Creators! It’s just getting easier and easier for me to manifest my desires! I love that I have such a wonderful job that is so pleasing in many ways! I am making such great money-it’s just flowing in to me and my boyfriend in so many different avenues! I love when we’re surprised by a large (or any size really!) sum of money falling “out of the blue” into our laps! I’m doing so well at my job, selling like crazy! My boss loves me and she is so impressed at my ability to rack in the sales! I’ve been given 5 raises already in only 2 1/2 months of working there! I love getting shivers of excitement running through my whole body-I know it’s my Inner Being shining through me! My boyfriend and I are doing so well, we’ve never been happier! We’re so in love and it shows in so many ways! We love doing fun things together & we’re always finding new friends that bring so much richness to our lives! Life is soooooo good! I’m so happy with everything! Why am I so happy all the time? Why does everything always work out for me?? How is it that I always end up on top, no matter what the situation may seem like in the beginning or middle? Why do I always have plenty of extra money floating around me? Why am I such a great flower of love and happiness? Why are our dogs so happy and healthy? Why do I always get free stuff? Why do always get to go shopping and buy ANYTHING that I want?! Why is my body so healthy, strong, toned, and sexy?!?! Why does life feel soooo good?! Thanks for everything Universe!!! I adore you!!