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Oh, yea, I love getting checks in the ma…

Oh, yea, I love getting checks in the mail!
I love it that like attracts like and money attracts money. I just went to the mailbox expecting that my monthly check would be there, and sure enough it was, AND there were 2 other checks there with. So I’m headed down to the Credit Union now to deposit 3 checks. I mean how cool is that! And it feels so good to have Jane pay me most of the money that she owes me. That is such a relief not to have to worry about that. And how did my check from Zija get so big so fast? It’s just incredible. It is SO nice to have more money than I was expecting. I think I am going to celcbrate by going shopping. Not because I need anything, but because I can.

Latest in Computers

I just love this new technology in computers. I still remember the old system where we had to “log on” to each site with a user name and password. And of course The user site and password each had to be different for each site. How did they ever expect us to remember that? And sometimes you would have to type in a distorted word that you couldn’t even read. Do you remember that? I am so happy now that every internet site I visit automatically knows it’s me, no matter what internet device I am using. I don’t know how this new system works but whoever came up with it should get the Nobel Prize, or something!
I love, love love it!

WOW! Dreams really do come true. Back in…

WOW! Dreams really do come true. Back in May I heard about a contest where the winner gets to learn to fly a helicopter! An $18,000 value! And miracle of miracles, they just told me that I WON! I have always wanted to learn to fly a helicopter, but I was told that it is too hard and that the lessons are too expensive. But this is free, free, free! Hey, I can afford FREE! And there’s more! And I’m not sure if this is good or bad but they are doing this for a reality TV show. So they will probably show my struggles and frustrations, but you know I have always wanted to be on TV so maybe this will be the start of something wonderful. Wouldn’t it be cool if my future wife saw me on the show and she contacted me so we could go flying together? Wow, the possibilities are endless. Of course now I am going to want to own my own helicopter. But I have already been thinking about how I could afford one. I think I will spend some time in Hawaii, or some other exotic play-land of the rich and famous, and work as a pilot for a helicopter tour company. I wonder which famous people I will meet? I hope I get to talk to them about the Law of Attraction. But I’m getting ahead of myself. Tonight I am going to go out to dinner to celebrate! But maybe I shouldn’t eat too much, I wouldn’t want the helicopter to have trouble getting off the ground. hee heee.