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It’s About Time!

Salvador Dali 'Persistence of Memory'

Salvador Dali 'Persistence of Memory'

I am over the moon this week as my second novel in the Quantum Enchantment Series hits the bookshelves in Australia and New Zealand! Arrows of Time is out and I love hearing how she’s ‘walking out of bookshops’.

Getting on the bestseller’s list is awesome too. I love the feedback! I love the reviews! I love the emails and interviews! I knew things would keep getting better and better, and they are! My goddess of the woods, they are!!!

Wooo Hooo!

New Sun, New Moon, New Week

return_waterhouse_the_sorceress What an amazing week ahead.

The New Moon is dazzling and all kinds of wonderful experiences are appearing in my life–meditations opening my third eye, a dinner date turning into a new level of relating, a minor character taking the plot to extreme and fascinating places that even surprise me, great news from unexpected corners and, could it get better financially? It does!

Mostly I am in awe of the connections I have–the level of love and intimacy is profound.

In deep gratitude and Love,

Happy Monday everyone! As Mercury zips …

Happy Monday everyone!

As Mercury zips into the multi-tasking sign of Gemini, I’m riding the comets tail into my new week! It’s a whirlwind, and I love it! Two thousand words a day? No worries! Date with the overseas traveler? You bet! New contract drawn up and ready to sign? I’m there! Good news from my best friend? Stunning! All the time in the world? Of course! Unexpected coffee date? Woo Hoo!

I’m loving my week ahead, especially the surprise I haven’t yet imagined! How fun!

Love and light to everyone!

OMG I just discovered a hidden talent. …

OMG I just discovered a hidden talent.

I’ve always done remote EFT…tapped for people or animals or trees, places. Now I’ve discovered something new in it–a new way to think about and do it, and so far the people I’ve tapped for are floored but the results. I’m floored too. I can actually ‘see’ their energy shift while I tap (and they might be on the other side of the world!)

Just call me Neo
(New Energy Oracle) 🙂

Just a quick note to show how the POWER …

Just a quick note to show how the POWER of the written word moves mountains. Last week I Twittered that my bank account would double by next week.

Guess what?

My bank account didn’t double.

It increased by 150%

No, I haven’t gotten my advance yet.he he he This was just a wild hair deposit from the universe (to match my wild hair twitter)

I would like to encourage everyone to dream big, play their wild card, and go for broke, if that makes them smile 🙂

Wooo Whooo!!!!!

How about you????


I too love the Pray Rain Blog! And wha…

I too love the Pray Rain Blog!

And what a week is coming! I power into my writing. I had no idea I could get so much story plotted in such a short time. Wow. This just gets easier and easier. How fun!

And I had forgotten about THAT money on it’s way. How cool to have it land this week.

AND, the biggest surprise coming is a phone call from HIM! I’m going on a date with HIM! Can you imagine? You don’t have to! I’ll tell you about it next week!

Thank you Jeannette!

Here’s to the best blog ever!

Pray Rain!