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Born and raised in Lancaster County PA, and a nurse for 25 years, I feel a stirring within myself to go out and try my entrepreneurial online wings and leave behind the workplace forever. This is currently what I am using my PRJ for, specifically.

ISS Sighting

ISS Sighting

Last week on MM&Y (Moon Moo and You) we had on Laura Whitelaw  and Lix Lichti, EFT and ZPoint coaches, and friends from our weekly Master Mind Group!

At the end of the show, Liz led us through a ZPoint session and we were in a meditative state.

Suddenly my iPhone started showing Tweets from the Astronauts looking down from their International Space Station and admiring and celebrating the beauty of Mother-Earth.

This was somewhat of a miracle since I did not have my iPhone turned on to receive such messages.

But the experience of PRAY FREEDOM was strengthened by this message. Suddenly perspective was magnified as to the fragile beauty of the present moment and how precious life is.

Last night I actually saw the ISS going at 17,200 miles per hour as the astronauts were orbiting the earth. Once again, a message from the astronauts themselves–allow the pray success, pray great wealth, pray single payer, pray gratitude enfold in the natural cylic motions of of the sea, the moon, the menstral cycle-all of it!

Allow the beauty of life itself dictate every great insight and love we have for every moment!

Patience, patience and more patience arose out of this experience for me. Write Pray rain, carry it with me always, allow the people to be who they are in my life-allow myself to be me, always.


The Joys Of Freedom For All Americans!!

180px-fuzzy_freddyRed Fox Wisdom of invisibility, shapeshifting and getting exactly what I want–a seamless, prosperous exit from the workplace worldview!!

All weekend long, while in the workplace, I kept my portable PRJournal close at hand so that when dysfunction occurred, I quietly took it out and wrote about the very moment when I would be making my final exit!

House Bill 1660 and Senate Bill 400-Single Payer Guaranteed Healthcare 4all- is passed and no one has to ever claim bankruptcy  to pay medical bills- ever again!! Being tied to a job you hate-because of Employee Based Health insurance- is a thing of the past!! We now live in a productive society where everyone is doing what they love without having to worry about what to do in the event of illness!!

Yes!! Single Payer Rocks On!! I am free!! We all are free!! America is now a civilized country!!

My Small PRJ With Many Many Pages!!

I like the idea of carrying around a portable PRJ with me that fits in my pocket, pouch or purse!!

I love that when I feel discouraged by my work situation, the PRJ is right within reach and easy to jot down a beautiful sentence or 2 about my eventual exit.

I wrote a resignation letter in my PRJ-which the letter is a work in progress!

It reads as follows:

Dear Administrative People, I am giving 4-6 weeks notice and will be leaving 9/9/09. I am sorry to leave all my friends because I love all of you.

I have been summoned by my highest calling to move on to other realms of contribution.

I appreciate all of it!!


Welcoming A New Life!!

Bull's Eye!!I am so happy and excited to receive notice of an exciting and wonderful opportunity that will allow a rapid exit from the work-force!!

I love my life and know something is in store for me!! Our radio show is rocking on, My EBooks are selling like hotcakes, I  have a new career reading people’s EBooks and loving every moment, as I infuse enthusiasm and love into every word!!

I am so happy and excited by the successes of everyone in my life and for everyone here on the PR Blog!!

I live in the present moment, love the energy of the fun and happiness on Moon, Moo & You, and openly embrace the pure potentiality of each new day!!

Love and Thanks!!