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Loved loved LOVED how perfectly it all w…

Loved loved LOVED how perfectly it all worked out! I’ve known to trust Universe, and I know Universe delivers, but this one in particular really amazed me at its sheer perfection. Universe, HATS OFF!! You ROCK! Thank you for the easy resolution, thank you for your creative solutions, thank you for the good times, thank you for making it even better than it was before. Life is good! 🙂

SO many good things happening .. I pract…

SO many good things happening .. I practically have to start a list to keep track of them all. Every where I turn – more good news, more fun, more love, more laughter, more good times! It was SO true what they said – it just gets better and better, and that the more you practice these feelings, the more natural and habitual they become. Some of the specifics – all the animals are healthy and have been for a long time! My vet misses me!! Omgosh, I have the CUTEST wardrobe! It is a JOY to get dressed every day to wear something fabulous. It is so ME! And I’m eating things I love, I’m working on projects that are fabulous, the money’s rolling in more than ever before (and I am SUCH a fan of big easy money, that I really enjoy that one!), my sweetie is sweeter than ever, we’re closer than we ever have been and I understand now the value of LONG term relationships. It really is just ridiculously good!! LIFE IS GOOD!! 🙂

Just got word that my new property manag…

Just got word that my new property manager (whom I ADORE!) found the perfect tenants for the Rose Park house! I am SO thrilled they found someone so appreciative of being there and animal lovers, too! Very cool to be able to make a rental available that WELCOMES dogs and cats! 🙂 And they are HAPPY to keep feeding the birds and the neighborhood cat that’s been hanging around. Life is good!

These foster puppies are so much fun! Th…

These foster puppies are so much fun! Their mom is doing SUCH a great job with them, and she’s fitting in our pack really nicely. She even lets Sadie and Koda and Elvis play with her pups! (And is great with the neighbor kids, too!)

They’re growing fast, they’re fat and healthy and happy, they’re an absolute joy to have here. And their perfect new families are lining up beautifully to adopt them into their new places. i couldn’t be more pleased with how well this is all turning out! Seriously, these memories are going to last me a lifetime – how much fun we all had together; how much I enjoyed taking care of them and playing with them; how well they did here; and how rewarding it was to step up to help out with this pregnant pit bull mom. What a joy!

oooh .. what nadyess said. Ditto that fo…

oooh .. what nadyess said. Ditto that for me! 🙂

I consistently do what feels good, because it feels good. No other reason. I no longer make choices out of fear or worry or doubt, but rather from trust and love and appreciation. I am an expert at listening to my physical body. I hear what she wants, and she gets it. It’s a priority. I live in a state of abundance and appreciation and am at peace with myself and my life. It is good to be me!

Wow! I’m a video editing pro! Who knew …

Wow! I’m a video editing pro! Who knew it could be so easy?! I look like I’ve been doing this all my life! I even have other people ask me if I’ll teach THEM! ha ha! What a pleasure it is to feel complete creative freedom in putting together new videos for my masters of creation circle and for the GVU youtube channel. This is COOL!!!!!

Well that was exciting! I just got back …

Well that was exciting! I just got back from a dog walk in the canyon with Sadie to find my inbox filled with payment confirmations and rave reviews already for my latest product – the one that is the culmination of all my latest experience and understanding with deliberate creation and vibration management. That’s my kind of reception. 🙂 Plus we had a great walk! Saw a female deer who watched us walk by, and saw tracks from really big elk and also a bunny rabbit! 🙂

Just celebrated a 7 year anniversary wit…

Just celebrated a 7 year anniversary with my sweetie, where we reveled about all the great things that happened over the last couple years. Including our lovely remodeled kitchen (which Russ oversaw while I transported a handful of rescued dogs for a local rescue group), the continued great health of our family of dogs and cats and human loved ones, our own improved health (Russ’ knees are great and his golf game rocks!) and my continued great health, too. As well as a couple of great trips we enjoyed together. So nice to have another year together and looking forward to many more! 🙂

I’ve done such a good job of keeping th…

I’ve done such a good job of keeping this Pray Rain Blog free of spammers, and open to deliberate creators who appreciate the power of sharing their script publicly. It’s a pleasure to be able to offer something of value for free, knowing that even when I might miss one or two posts that need to be deleted, one of our faithful readers will alert me to it. Thus this space is kept bright and shiny and clean and fun. And so it is. 🙂

The Good News Keeps Getting Better

What a fabulous new renter I’ve met for my dear home!  She’s perfect in more ways than I could have imagined and I like her so much I practically wish we were neighbors!  Responsible, trustworthy, appreciative, like-minded – a true pleasure to be connected to.

She loves my house and treats it like she would her own dear house – I am so grateful for her!

And the work Vicki does for me online is FABULOUS!  I can’t believe I didn’t get her on board back when I first met this amazing girl!

My sweetie just gets sweeter; my body just gets healthier; my friends get friendlier, my money gets richer, my volunteer work gets even more rewarding. 

This is my idea of a good time.  Thank you, Universe.  🙂

It Was Time

All right, I was getting a little out of control with how long I was hanging on to these big kitties.  I know I got a little attached because they were here longer than usual, just to make sure they were 100% healthy before we sent them to their new lives, but it really was time to trust and let go. 

And that’s exactly what happened – in perfect timing, as always.  They were adopted – TOGETHER – !! – by a lovely woman who has a great history with cats and was very happy to meet and adopt them both.   I think they’ll have a great life with her and she has our number in case anything ever happens.  (Plus, they do have microchips in my name – as added insurance – he he.)

Time to focus on the little kitties now!  Thanks, Angels, for making such a great way for our big kitties.  🙂

July Rocks!

This month of July was one to remember!  It had really amazing events in it, experiencing new highs and accomplishing new goals, making even more friends and doing all of it at a pace that was 100% pure enjoyment!  Like today, sitting out on the grass as that storm rolled through, knowing so many things were happening and it was perfect to take the time to enjoy the clouds and thunder and sprinkles.

How Martha’s convention center didn’t have a projector available for me, so now there’s no need to put together a slide presentation.  hee hee  How the Money Mojo group managed themSELVES even better than I could have done it mySELF!  Man, that was COOL!!

And how there was always time for a lingering hug with my sweetie, and an extra good belly scratch for Joe, and I really went out of my way to slow down and savor all the delicious things and people in life.  Gosh, I don’t think I ever loved July as much as I did in 2009!  woo hoo!!

Pretty cool, Universe…

That was pretty freakin’ cool, Universe, how I launched this huge Money Mojo Magic party (which was your idea, anyway) and you brought all the perfect players and resources and systems and connections and ideas and streamers and band members and disco lights and drinks to make it a fabulous event! (The male dancers was a particularly nice touch – ha!)

Just when I thought “I can’t do this alone” you reminded me I don’t have to! And delivered amazing help and support for it all.

Man, I love how things always work out! WOO HOO!!

Just Like That!

Just like that one of my clients has her dream come true man looking for the perfect ring to propose to her with. My other client feels the gift in the freedom from being released from her job and uses that liberation to build the business she has been meant to build from Day One! My other client gets a speaking gig that lands her on the map of Who’s Who in the Motivational world. My other client sheds the last of what was holding him back and fully steps into his dream come true life where he experiences even more exotic and paid for travel, even more inspired service (and lucrative income to go with it), and his relationship reveals itself for the perfection it is.

My other client – two of them, actually – recognize the opportunity for true love that’s been right under their noses all along. Kudos to them for lettin’ it in!!

My other client continues to sell her incredibly inspirational and original art pieces left and right – no matter where she happens to be on the globe. Another client gets her dream come true career when amazing things come together – just as she predicted they could!

And the good news continues on down the client roster. Miracle and miracle after magic unfolding after pleasant surprise after treasureful twists!! WOO HOO!! JUST LIKE THAT. 🙂

Happy Together & Home Again

I told this story out loud yesterday to Ozzy’s sister (the little female kitty who lost one bro and now has another one in ICU), and just wanted to cement it in place here, so here goes:

Your little brother is such a stinker. He ate too much tuna yesterday and is paying the hangover price for it today. Our silly vet gets a little worked up over a distemper test that comes back positive, even though we both know it’s just because he had his vaccinations almost two weeks ago, which can trigger a false positive.

But we’ll let him hang out at the vet’s office and get good TLC for a day or two, then when he comes back you two will have even more fun together because now you won’t take each other for granted.

He’ll be happy to be home, you’ll be happy to have him home, and I’ll be delighted that all is well with my happy kitties. Which, we know, I’ve got one banked with Universe already! ha!

In the Flow

K, so, something super magical has happened. It’s a little weird to experience, even. But I like it!

What’s happened is … I got in some sort of flow where .. like, hardly anything bothers me any more!! I’m SO taking life in stride – it’s seriously cool! I see the good stuff EVERYWHERE!

I mean, yes, I notice the contrast here and there on occasion, but I know that is actually helpful for the whole process of letting life just get better and better, and I slip right back into the feel good so naturally and quickly and easily. I’ve gotten REALLY good at this! I kind of feel like shouting, “Mom! Look at me!!” because it’s so cool and so fun!

It just seems like there are more things to appreciate – more wonderful happenings, more handsome men, more cool cars, more fun kitties, more happy dogs, more perfect and amazing and incredible clients, more delicious chocolate, more fun movies, more quality times with my sweetie, more friends, more EVERYTHING! Gosh, someone might think I was on good drugs if they didn’t know better. hee hee

Keep it coming, Universe – we’re in the flow now!

Doctors don’t know jack.

Doctors don’t know jack.

I knew it as soon as I heard the diagnosis. A little frustrating to pay such good money for treatment from someone who knows so little about how scrappy cats are and how they don’t need the best odds to pull through with flying colors … but all that matters is that this little guy got the care he needed and it made all the difference.

It was immediately obvious that we made the right choice to give him a chance! The oxygen and the antibiotics combined gave him the leg up he needed to recover. His attitude is back, he’s playing with his brother and sister again, he’s putting on weight, he’s a happy camper again.

He’s back home and thriving – enjoying the free rein he gets in the house and even a couple of supervised adventures on the grass. Now the only question remaining is whether he’ll live at Verrall’s house or mine. hee hee

SO glad the “gamble” (as the doctors considered it) paid off, and I will never forget that DOCTORS DON’T KNOW JACK! I love ’em anyway, though. 🙂

Good to Be Me

heartsLittle by little – scratch that – lots by lots I’m noticing BIG differences in myself.  I wake up with more enthusiasm and energy than ever.  I literally bounce out of bed (kind of like Tia does, I think.)  I sing out “good morning” to the dogs and cats and birds and flowers.  They look at me like I’m up too early.  I feel like a Disney character or something!! ha ha

I bounce down the stairs, and there are so many things I’m excited to do that I’m not sure where to start first!  But I let inner guidance choose, and it’s different every day.  And it’s perfect every day.  I’m having SUCH a good time being me!!

My body is full of energy and SO cooperative of whatever I feel like doing!  She feels flexible and strong and fit and a little bit like showing off!  We truly are getting better with time, which I always knew would happen, being my Capricorn self.  (That story is truly paying off now!)  🙂

I admire my ability to let go of what’s not serving me, and to turn towards what is.  Perfect health, high energy, enormous satisfaction, superb enthusiasm – honestly, what did I do to deserve all this?!  Oh, silly me – I PICKED IT!!!!  hee hee heee

Gosh, I rock!!

Fluffy, Fat, Happy Kitties!

img_1780These kitties are bouncing off the walls they’re so happy and healthy! I can hardly contain them they’re so filled with high energy and are the pictures of perfect health. Fluffy, fat, happy kitties!! What a joy!!

ANOTHER happy unfolding for my foster kitties! Gosh, we’re good. tee hee

(Thanks, Universe!! You know how I love it when our kitties do so well!)

Sydney’s Next Fabulous Step

img_22951I can’t believe I worried for a single second about Sydney’s next step in her journey! Her new foster home is a dream come true!

They treat her like the most valued member of their family; she gets the run of the place, (which is easy for her to navigate); she always has great company and is totally relaxed and happy living with them. She’s got a beautiful yard to hang out in, great neighbors to love her too (including young kids – her favorite!!), another golden retriever who she likes quite a bit (and who adores her back!), she gets lots of TLC and quality time with her people, she continues her dramatic and swift healing (gosh I love that girl!), and she’s happier than she’s ever been in her entire life.

These people have great energy and are so happy to welcome her into their lives! They’ve invited us to visit anytime and asked if we could please exchange photos and video of Sydney. She sure does deserve this happy next step!!

I feel so lucky to have been part of her journey and am grateful for the new family who will see her through the rest of her healing, maybe even be her permanent loving home.

Thank you angels!  MWAH!!

It Came Together!

I love how wonderfully the Pray Rain Blog came together! How beautiful it is, easy to navigate, easy to read, inviting to contribute … it really turned out great! And the contributions everyone is making – FABULOUS!!! Sometimes I pull this blog up just to read someone else’s entry and feel my vibe go up three or four notches!

THIS is exactly what I had in mind! A community blog where we activate the vibrations of what we want, leveraging the synergy of sharing it with others, and knowing we’ve got lots of great company as the powerful deliberate creators we are.