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Amazing July!!

OMG it’s been an AMAZING month – I KNEW I was in for a brilliant ride even before Jeannette’s Money Mojo course started, and that was the understatement of the century. Truly!

It was theoretically about improving my money vibe but of course it flowed to everything. My work, my writing, my relationships, my body, EVERYTHING!  My feet have hardly touched the ground since the beginning of the month and I’m surrounded now by people with so much positive energy I feel like we could collectively power a large city!

And yet, despite all that excitement, I have the most incredible inner serenity and peace. My friends think I’m crazy excited, and at one level I am – but deep inside where they can’t see, I am hugging myself with the kind of secret, deep joy that is so profound it can’t be expressed.

Mmmmm…. bliss.

Miracles DO happen

janetteI blogged here about the fabulous clearing work I’ve done recently, around my relationship with money, and today I had wonderful proof that it’s working.

Over the weekend my lovely mum-in-law was rushed into surgery and we had to get my hubby across the continent at short notice. This put a crimp in our finances and I’ve spent the last 48 hours making a string of conscious decisions to up my money vibe, to have faith, to keep focussing on the fact that money will come in, even if I don’t know how. I confess it’s been harder than usual, and last night I had one of those “okay Universe, I’ve done all this work so if you want me on board with this LOA stuff, you better start showing up with the goods!” moments.

It’s payday tomorrow, so this morning I treated myself to brekkie at my fave cafe, even though I didn’t have wads of cash. I decided to live as if I had abundance right now.  (Yummy eggs benedict BTW, and the second-best coffee in town – the best coffee place doesn’t do food!). Got home feeling positive and knowing that I’d sorted out a few things like leave from work for my hubby, and now I could relax and wait for news from over west.

As I walked through the door, I heard the answering machine beep and thought perhaps there had been developments with hubby’s mum. But when I listened to the message, it was my dad calling to see how things were going. And to say not to worry about any difficulty paying for me to go visit hubby’s family, because he had just sent me a cheque to help out.

I can tell you now, I bawled my eyes out (and it still has me getting a bit soggy, writing about it). I didn’t even need to ask for the money, it’s just on its way. How is THAT for the Universe coming up trumps? I’m so grateful, I don’t know where to begin!!

I’m grateful to the Universe (of course) and to each and every one of the wonderful people I know throughout the world who so generously share their expertise and their experiences with LOA, and who inspire me. 

You know who you are…  xx

ROFLMAO! Decided to share a PRJ occurren…

ROFLMAO! Decided to share a PRJ occurrence that I know everyone on this blog will totally appreciate. Yesterday evening I stumbled across an online piece by Kim Falconer, written just before her wonderful book went out into the world early this year. I quote:

“Seven days until The Spell of Rosette hits the bookstores and I am so excited! I’m actually shaking.” (To see it in full, go to Comment #3 at

Oooh! I thought – what a great vibe to include in my own paper PRJ, which I normally do in bed. Trouble is, I got a bit carried away with imagining the DAY before my own novel hits the bookstores, and MY version ended up going something like…. “I’m so excited I can’t sleep…”

Yep, you guessed it. I manifested instant, rampaging insomnia… hands up anyone who is surprised, LOL!

But it’s all good. After 15 minutes of staring at the ceiling I realised what was going on. Laughed (quietly so as not to wake hubby!), then got up and spent the next 2 hours editing my own Chapter 5 – woohoo!

I Love my Life!!!

Wow, what a week it’s been – in just one week I’ve cleared every single last remaining limiting belief about physical abundance, talk about all the doors and windows being flung open in my money apartment!!!

So now, money is pouring in over, above, under, round, through and in transcendence of my (shh) J-O-B; and I’m blessed with hours and hours every day just to play with writing and editing.

New stories are coming to me in torrents, splashing down on me so all I have to do is scoop them up by the bucketful!

My body is strong and supple, supporting me in every single thing I want to do.

The Man in my Life is a source of constant wonder – funny, generous, grounded, kind, loving and wonderful

Ooh, I’m just LOVIN’ every minute of it – and look! Here comes my new car round the corner, just on time – wheeee!!!


Yeah baby! Have just been headhunted i…

Yeah baby!

Have just been headhunted into a new three-day a week job with the same take-home pay – or better! – than my current job; AND I’m working with people I love doing fun things every day!

The first novel is polished to a brilliant shine and my new publisher loves it so much, it will get a big marketing budget – look for it in the front window of your local bookshop! It already has an online following and word of mouth will see it reach amazing sales figures.

The second novel storyline is gelling beautifully, with all the complex narrative arcs resolving themselves seamlessly and effortlessly, and the characters just popping off the page – I don’t need to make up what they do, I just report it as they play out their amazing journeys!

I love my new car, the smell and feel of it, and the gorgeous vivid colour – love the purr of the engine on the open road, the way it responds under my hand and the beautiful design.

Every day the adventure just gets more and more fun – whoo hoo!!

Wow, I have been offline (by choice) for…

Wow, I have been offline (by choice) for 2 days and look what happens while I’m away – Jeannette outdoes herself by setting up the best blog on the Internet! Yes, I know it’s a Big Statement, but come on folks – you know I’m right 😉

It’s nearly my bedtime and I don’t have much to say right now, just THANK YOU Jeannette for making this wonderful playground for the rest of us to hang out. Twitter is good but sometimes 140 just isn’t enough…